Interview with MRA Director about New Emergency Rules for Cannabusiness & Adult Use

The emergency rules for adult-use marijuana and establishments in Michigan were recently released by the Marihuana Regulatory Agency (MRA).


  1. Hey guys another Awesome video 🔥💪
    This is going to be like a 5 part question lol

    1. Can you give a link to the most recent an update info for class A adult use so i can read more about it and what it takes to be a applicant?

    2. If you have a suspended license will this have any effect of you obtaining a class a adult use license ???

    3. Will you lose the $4000 application fee if you are not approved for the license ?

    4. Will someone with a adult use class A license be able to stay residential or do they have to go commercial ?
    (meaning with a class A can one still grow in a residential home type setting?)
    5. How much do you guys charge for consulting ????

    Thank you for any response in advance much appreciated , Keep up the Great work !

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