1. Hey man. Do you want to use my account? This game is taking too much of my time but I don't want to throw all of my 'hard work' (more than a constant year) to the garbage. My account is kind of good.

  2. “This game may not be so bad” thanks dzeef lol. It’s fun. It can be gimmicky but I enjoy it. I just hit my 4th KoG yesterday. I’m sure you’ll hit it before the end of the season if you keep playing.

  3. Not a duel link pack opening channel.
    I remember starting duels recently, being almost able to craft a Amazon deck, and just get bored :/ Magic is still more apealing to me.

  4. Finally a yugituber who actually played the game and give opinion based of it. It's not that bad as most people claim. Plus synchro is coming soon. It'll be more extra deck oriented for sure

  5. I downloaded the game (for the first time since 2016 when it was in beta) as a joke because of someone in a Dragon Ball Z group on Facebook. I just play Dark World, Gem-Knights and Lightsworn, they seem to get the job done well enough.

  6. Getting to Platinum is easy with any deck, its so bad at the lower levels. But once you hit Platinum it's mostly tier 1 and gets a lot trickier.

  7. I remember playing this game shortly after release. By day 3 I had a ritual deck which had the plan of nuking the board and summoning out 2700 beat sticks. I remember the ritual spells also provided protection from effects when banished from the grave. It was a time period of cave man yugioh but very quickly I hit KoG. It was not much of an achievement at the time but I wrote a deck guide which got featured on a duellinks website which was kinda cool because it was the first player deck submission. Never played the game again after a week.

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