1. Your videos helped a lot bro! I could proly say I'm fully convinced I dont wanna fuck with weed no more. One thing that tries to get In the way of that is the voice in my head when I'm in my room alone. So what helps me is setting goals for the day to keep me away from my inner voice lol So I started hitting the gym again and taking care of all the shit i was ignoring when i was smoking. Feels great. The gym helps bro! One song that helped me out voice myself is MaryJane by night lovell. Listen to it man. I fed off the energy that guy gives. It's a song against weed. Listen to it lol

  2. Seems like your overcomplicating this and I can tell it's killing you inside. It's almost like your in a relationship and are holding on Soo tight. Right when u said if your someone who's struggling and can't find there way out and took a big breath. I felt for u lan cause I know that is you. It's best to break up with with what your holding on too instead of think your too good for this. A lot of people can't handle casual sex or casually getting high. It seems like you can't keep this.mindset forever and you should just be honest and say this is killing u and hard and maybe it's best to move on and take supplements to help the cravings like lithium orotate that's what I use.

  3. Tip that worked for me is using a timed lock box. You can get them on amazon, a little expensive but it helps beat the cravings at the beginning! Thank you for your videos.

  4. Wait a minute, I thought u were all about smoking mindfully, not giving up completely? Your book is weed mindfulness not just weed free? I'd love to know what brought upon this change and whether you will be writing another book which is coherent with your current commitment? I was going to buy your book but it seems silly if you have actually found that giving up is the only way to go. Look forward to your comments 💞

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