Humic 12 Humic Acid For Lawns Application: Extremely High Rate

Going beyond the maximum threshold with a Humic 12 Humic acid application. This is a week long video going through the changes to the turf and what the …


  1. Did low rates of 7-0-0 & micro green on my PR grass and no lie John, it flushed up within 30min and grew 1.5 “ overnight, my lawn loves your products sir..cannot begin to tell you how you saved countless lawns from years of overdosing on macros! Thank you!

  2. Hey John if you're looking for a lawn to demonstrate how well your products work on I'll gladly volunteer mine. No problem at all it's the least I could do.😂

  3. Hey John, you're experiencing some high temps, expected high of 98 deg. today according to my Storm app. But you're cutting your grass, and your grass is looking great.  What type of grass do you have?My TTTF is looking great as well because of the N-ext products and fungicide apps. I mean it looks like it does in the springtime. But, because it's TTTF, I'm hesitant to cut it this time of year – unless we are hit a cool spell. Would it be wise for me to hold off on cutting this type of grass now? We'll be in the low 70's to mid 90's for the next ten days according to Storm. I'm afraid I'll put too my stress, and it won't be able to tolerate the summer heat.One more thing. I believe you mentioned in one of your videos that carbon is lost to the atmosphere from bare spots in the yard, which I have many from a fall & spring kill-off of weeds, mainly POA. Anything we can do about that i.e., water in the app real good, wait till fall over seeding, enjoy a fine glass of Valpolicella or maybe a French Beaujolais wine, a beer or 6?

  4. I use a hose end sprayer to apply all my bio stimulants. after applying my 1000 sq. ft area I run a little more water over it, not much though. What will give the best results, water it in good or just by applying it with the hose end sprayer is enough?

  5. I'm using and following plan this year and lawn just looks ok. Wife thinks I'm putting to much stuff on it lol. Just can't get the grass to pop. I'm gonna keep on it and we'll see.

  6. I can never get the dang lid to screw on straight on the ortho sprayer so then it leaks. It takes me at least 2-3 times to get it on. I may return to using my chapin hose end.

  7. I just purchased the Bio Stim Pack from The Lawn Care Nut and I can't wait to start putting things down. I was wondering what grass type you have and what the temps are where you are? I'm up in RI where the heat has been been in the high 80's in the past week and I'd got KBG. Can't wait to see the results.

  8. What’s your watering schedule like? I’m watering deep and infrequent here in West Jordan Utah, getting my inch of water a week but it seems like it’s still not enough? Any suggestions?

  9. We are getting ready for some heavy storms so what a great time for watching my favorites, just ordered more N-Ext products, soil pack, been using the bio-Pack and the health of the lawn is outstanding, can’t thank you all “ happy fourth too” for the awesome videos and great info, Green county fert is the greatest, Thanks for all the help

  10. Would this be good to put on the ground along with air8 and rgs on newly seeded tall fescue in the fall or would it be better to wait 2 or 3 weeks until it comes up and gets established. Just wondering since this is so good for the soil.

  11. First Aussie 😁Great video John, That moustache wearing mountain man from Utah loves his Humic applications, his cottonwood tree roots throughout his lawn is a testament to that. 😁👍👍

  12. John were you going to email a link re: the studies on your products vs generic products vs control you mentioned you have. Thanks.

  13. The products work fantastic John! Why don’t you have Pete come west with his aeravator and get that property as smooth as a ball field? That would be a fun video! Happy Fourth of July. Always good to let the kids know freedom isn’t free. We ALL need to safeguard it.

  14. I have a couple same areas that were struggling to get growth because of hard dirt/clay and moss. As soon as I started hitting it regularly with humic 12 and RGS…man that Bermuda is taking over that moss like no tomorrow. Love this stuff. Putting down some 18-0-1 tonight and 7-0-0 and MicroGreene on Sunday.

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