1. Hello there brother please keep up the good work ur garden is awesome and ur very informative im a new subscriber just working my way thrue ur videos, witch brings me to my question do you reuse your soil, and if you do what do you use to amend it

  2. Great, my OG kush looks almost identical except I think I hollowed her out too much, it's inside my passive solar greenhouse with A/C because every deer and other pest wants to eat everything I don't seal off, wish so badly I could give them direct sunlight! Great looking plants!

  3. are those plant really going to grow that much in 30 days? I dont see how? but cant wait to see what they do. Mine just seem to be in limbo right now, not doing much

  4. Kali , ya don't need that indoor with what yields your gonna get . In Dec. try popping Autos and in Mar. pop your Photos but don't put them out til June . Nice video , glad to see things are filling out . Stay up ✌.

  5. Why shit happy to see a video. believe it or not I really look forward to your videos and the family, kgb,dirty boy ,and shark. I've been away for a week cause my grandma died then my uncle died and at the same time my dad's wife was in ICU. But it's all good and it's in God's hands. Much love

  6. Hey my friend all looks great you think you'll get the Harvest like you did last year that would be nice yeah if I had a fence like you got I would definitely grow outside and for my friendly fence jumpers that's why I can't grow outside anymore I need a little bit of wire around the top Edge of the fence have a fantastic grow day. And I would put my chihuahua on guard Duty he he he

  7. The Girls have really bushed out since I last looked in. And lots of work going on shaping, planning, anticipating. Beautiful experience to come here, Sun ☀️ is directly above and see the natural growth. Lots of work mate! Very much appreciated ✌️👍🙏

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