Poker pros fight for REAL UFC BELT!

Pokerstars and UFC teamed up for some amazing events and also gave Spraggy, Fintan and myself the chance to battle it out for a UFC belt! We had a blast …


  1. A3 all in for that stupid cock eyed punting retard .. how do you think your ahead lex you gimp btw love the fact lex thinks he's the shit when he's just a nerd clicking button in his attic

  2. Lex. How can we play for the 1k? It would be cool for all of us who watch you week in week out to be able to play for the "LEX CUP". Please dont just let paid members play. Thanks. Johnny (avid watcher..)

  3. To all who replied to my comments go here
    Read full article I know it's long but worth it… specially the part about players who are sponsored by pokerstars… Also in there another link to Forbes magazine explaining a 741 million dollar pay out to the US government for illegally operations in the US back in the day. How do you think they dug themselves out of that hole? By rigging the game in a few different ways… There is allot more where that came from too. A few poker sites got bankrupt or shutdown from known online scamming their players and couldn't pay out the fines… maybe read some facts about the history of online poker before commenting.

  4. Dude shits on winninh poker players graphs.
    Meanwhile stuck 400.000 $ playing tornsments everyday for 5 years.

    Your so fucking dumb lex, really hope pokerstars drop you so you go broke because of your delusionsl ego

  5. Clearly Spraggy hasn't seen any Lex videos not sure why he is shocked about him hitting a 3 outter. Mostly all he does is get lucky 3 outs is tons for lex see him all the time making bad calls with a smaller A and gets a flush or straight or hits his low card pair for the bad beat.

  6. Fintan agrees to poker online be rigged. Nice. They rigged it in favor. Thats online poker for you folks. Any profs of hands behind scenes lex to show that card deck really exist and cards gets burned? Any proof for cards coming in right order from card deck as they just fly in from nowhere? No i didn't think so neither.

  7. Lex always saying he would choose to be a streamer above being a pro poker player. Judging on his results this year I dont blame him. His results are absolutely AWFUL.

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