1. Hello dear

    i want to learn about fertilising orchids and how you do to newly potted and old ones too!!

    Do you fertiliser after normal watering ? or you just mix and spry / Shock ur pot ?

    Do you flush pot after feeding everything less NPK ? or you only flush ur pots after fertilising with NPK ?

    Do you use NPK as foliar feed ? What is your ppm for foliar mix !!

    I saw Carolyn
    She first water orchid media with RO Water and get the media wet . Then he pour only a tinny amount of soliable fertiliser on the & arround tge root not making the pot wet and thereby save water and fertisiser aswell ( sound good ))!!

    i asked her why she does this ?
    She replied to me that
    " getting media wet and fertilise can make roots to absorve max than you pour fertiliser on a dry root !! "

    Any way both have good / Bad
    but understandind and following is always good !!
    but those grow on lava and bare rooted mounted orchid they might feel comfortable socking them couoke of minutes !!
    What you say ?

  2. Good morning and a wonderful weather around !!
    Did I tell you I went to india and back on 08 July 19. Hope you see in boxing once I upload those .
    I bought 4 Cymbidiums

    Can I use only rock for cymbidium?

  3. My favorite weeding tool is Roundup. I tried to garden the hippie organic way. But I had to give up. Crabgrass was basically taking over my garden. And it's a nightmare to remove. And you remove some, and more just pops up. I have a full-time job, I don't have time to weed all day long. I feel using Roundup is okay, because I'm just spraying it on isolated areas directly on the weeds. I'm not spraying it directly on the plants you eat, like is done with GMO crops.

  4. i have been gardening for 46 years(both as a professional and amateur) and the most annoying thing I find about weeds is when they come up in ground cover. Many ground covers are too thick for weeds to do much, but when they are young and have not filled in completely, it is tough to pull them without killing the new ground cover plants. That said, I love it when plants that i enjoy reseed or I get volunteer seedlings from neighbor's plants or you care of the soil causes long dormant plants to spring up from old roots. That often happens when you move into a property that has been neglected for a long time. .

  5. I have tried several different methods. My front garden tends to get hand weeded just as I walk out the door to go somewhere or come back in. In our backyard I have a pretty large vegetable garden, which I usually stirrup hoe then go rake the weeds out to the grass. I’ve recently has an invasion of purslane and I hate it! The roots are bigger than the plants – and they seem to all be connected.

  6. I have gone with deep mulch on our plot in the past but using a weed rake or tool like you have there might be less work in the long run as long as you can stay on top of it.

  7. Hey Bill… For the past 25 + years I have only used old carpet as a weed barrier.
    Bottom side UP . If you use cotton or wool they will rot away and leave only the plastic string used in the rug. When compost begins to form on top of it – I just scrape it away and add to garden beds where I dont need weed blockers….. Cut holes for plants….and as a plant spreads – cut around the hole later if needed.

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