Comedians in Cars Smoking Cannabis

Comedians in Cars Smoking Cannabis is a parody of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Created by award-winning filmmaker Michael Stusser …


  1. a story; in 1966, four teens in a VW bug…. hot boxing two joints. they get stopped by a cop. THE window is rolled down. THE cop get hit in the face by a solid column of cannabis smoke. He grins big smile & pretends it didn't happen. Checks their drivers license and sends them on their way.. hahaha
    after Nixon (in the 70's) that would have been a bust & of to jail. Jimmy Carter didn't care about pot one way or other. Those after Reagan screwed it all up for 35 yrs !!!!

  2. This isn't a parody. A parody is a presentation that makes fun of its subject through gratuitous imitation and mockery. Think SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy as an example of a parody of Jeopardy. Rather, it seems you just ripped off of Jerry's work and intellectual product, unless, of course, you got his permission to do this.

  3. No one says, "…LEEEGAL WEEEEED." …her response, "Oh yeah?"

    : | I'm not a fan of the host, but Lauren seemed like someone I'd want to hang out with.

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