Another Thursday Night Poker Meetup Game “Trooper Thursday” at the Westgate Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. In this video you will see live 1/3 NLH poker …


  1. Hi Mr Coffee,
    Re the 89 hand where you flop a straight and the board repeats on the river – is good example of needing to stop to assess player actions on each street. Although the river is a scare card he checks, so consider – is it more likely he would bet himself there if he had a full house or check and risk you checking back? If more likely he would bet, it is a clear value bet for you on the river. Players in low limit games are often in a rush to get to showdown and can miss value betting opportunities if they don't think through each street of action and what the opponents' actions likely mean for their hand ranges.

  2. Good editing as usual. That hand between the woman with glasses and the guy with a tattoo, although not the type for it, was exciting.. Dumb of him to go so far with a woman, they almost never bluff. That was different content, most vloggers don't know the co players so well that they can film them..

  3. Nice vlog, Mr. Coffee. Tough break on the bomb pot. That is exactly the type of action that double-board bomb pots are supposed to create. For what its worth, you played it exactly right. I like the "Got Coffee?" t-shirt idea. See you this coming Thursday.

  4. I can be very critical with comments however may I say this was one of the most real VLOGS I’ve seen for a while next to trooper your up there see you in mid July at trooper Thursday nice job sir

  5. What a fun day! We really enjoyed meeting you & Trooper–so many nice folks turn out for this friendly poker game. If you're in Vegas on a Thursday, Westgate is the place to be!

  6. Ouch. Tough break getting your 2 pairs outdrawn in one of the bomb pot boards, OMC. Wasn't much you could do about it, like you said. Speaking of which, saw checkrzr's comment for t-shirt ideas. You can really expand your t-shirt line with fun/funny sayings related to tight OMC's. Such as:
    "Tight Is Right"
    "Promo Nit"
    "Only Premium Hands"
    "Limp AK"
    "Got Coffee?"

    etc., with a tiny signature line below the saying with your Old Man Coffee name.

  7. Thanks for the vlog!! Another good one.I would like to see you play a tournament at the wsop.I think it would be great for the vlog and I think you would do just fine.Do you like to play tournaments?

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