Last Day of The CWCBExpo 2019 in New York

And here we have the last vlog of the 5 part series. We wrap up on the CWCBExpo after an amazing 5 days and we celebrate with some ramen downtown …


  1. What up Simp, have you heard about the Focus V Carta yet? Check it out, just copped one for 200 , I think it’s worth it if you wanna go torch-less.

  2. Those new parking knobs on cars are dumb af. Got in a newer Dodge Ram the other day and was more confused then when the new 2002 745 bmw came out, at the time it was weird af lol

  3. Someone count how many times simp has mispronounced that girl's name in all his new York vids 😂dope video simp as always and I really fw the intro and background music 🔥🔥

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