How To Fix Mag Stuck In Gun Glitch | DayZ On Xbox

Does your mag get stuck in your gun and you can’t remove it? Well, this is how I, along with others, have been able to get around this bug. However, if this …


  1. So whats up with the shotgun i can add shells to it but my character wont pump to camber the next round. Can u do a help video on that if its work and im just a idiot and cant figure out how to do it.

  2. My Ak has a mag visibly in the gun but does not show in the inventory. I cannot combine with B button and i cant reload using RT if the mags on the ground.

  3. What if it does not show the magazine in you gun in the inventory but you can physically see it in your gun? Therefor there’s nothing able to remove but I can’t add any other mag or ammo? I have inv space and my weapon and mags are decent quality. Thanks

  4. Happened to me post update that was supposed to fix this. Just found an SVD after logging back in it has the invisible mag. After the update it doesn’t seem like there is a single way to fix it. Now I’m stuck single loading an SVD 👍 first time I’ve found one too since release.

  5. Help! My ak reloads just fine but my 4-five pistol with a silencer doesn’t reload. It has no mag inside it and I’ve gone through all of my mags and bullets inside specifically looking for any worn or less than worn bullets in the mag. I have tried hotkeying the mag, dropping it on the floor and pressing rt. I’ve tried everything and nothing works!

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