God's Gift – 120 Days in 2.5 minutes – Cannabis Tent Time Lapse

12 cannabis plants in a 4’x4′ grow tent. Recorded automatically by my home made Raspberry Pi powered tent controller. Sorry about the shaky camera for the …


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  2. Where's the rest of your final result? If your going to prune then I'd give your girls a couple of weeks to recover… Only take off leaves that are 50% damaged. You stripped off most of the leaves… I understand that you may have had a high humidity or something but if your going to strip the leaves you gotta give them time to recover… Don't waste your time with autos either.

  3. The defoliation he is doing is called three a light.it does not stress the plant. All it does is let's the plant concentrate all its energy in to the buds. This is done by the best growers here in co. I have taken notes and studied this technique for years. Before I did three a light the place were I grow was pulling down 25 to 35 pounds per 55 plants per room. After starting the three a light method we increased production by 10 to 15 pounds per room. So don't duck it till you try it.

  4. Ur yield be double with 4 or 5 in lil tent and not doing something right for that long of veg and all the bigger they are 4-5week veg im 28-36in then flip for 56days. So 84-91days and all be 5-6ft and half lb off each one. Soil in 15gallon pots and chems with a 600hps full spec bulb. I get 2-2.2lbs off 4plants

  5. Angry😠Earthling🌎.
    Hemp is a totally different plant to Canibis and it has some amazing uses and further more if your looking to get stoned on Hemp your going to be waiting a long time and Hemp plant growing has always been legal in the USA and in recent years it has seen a resurgence, so check out Hemp on YouTube and you will be amazed at the amount of products which can been produced from this amazing and versatile plant.

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