Sale of Ganja increases in Chennai, becomes easy – A field report

Sale of Ganja increases in Chennai, becomes easy – A field report Connect with Puthiya Thalaimurai TV Online: SUBSCRIBE to get the latest Tamil news …


  1. What a bunch of ignorant imbeciles
    The reason Weed is banned in India is because of the corporate cigarette companies fearing their sales will drop
    Fucking idiots Do some research about the plant you fuckers

  2. What the fuck do you know about weed ? It had medicinal properties are doing prostitution not journalism.getting money from politicians and spreading their propaganda.its better to sell weed and cure people than do prostitution in the name of a mass media.

  3. Weed should not be legalized in India, weed is good for health but tobacco products are not, people die of tobacco and not of weed. People should die right, in order to do so we (government) should not ban tobacco products but weed should be banned.

  4. Kanja fight against cancer and brain tumor.. Medical scama beyond this.. Buisness scama too(cigar and liquor )..and it won't make mental illness(specific amount) , this effect only for 3-4 hours.. Naatla evlo problem iruku poi athuku solution kandu pudinga – vantanga ya spy kids uh!

  5. dei ungalukelam vera velaiyae ila ya da …anga anga natla enala nadakudhu adha vitutu kevalama idha la Vedio edukuringa…actuala ganja is not injurious to health …first poi mava hans cool lip idhelam poi ban panunga da ….

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