1. My hair repels water like no other, tangles very very easily, retain color super easily, loves protein masks with out eggs, I eat mostly proteins and some veggies enough fruits in my diet.
    Wht is my porosity?

  2. I have been natural for 8 years now, my hair should be down my back but its not…..for some reason my hair pops and breaks off all the time, I'm just tired of dealing with it.  I don't know what to do.

  3. My daughter's hair is low porosity in the back and high porosity in the front, two different textures. My hair is also like that, but mine is high in the back and low in the middle and front. Should we be using different products for both sections? Also, for me, you're right about mineral deficiency. Thanks for this video Debbie! ❤

  4. Dr. Debbie thank you for this VERY INFORMATIVE VIDEO! I wish that I could just come visit you to let you analyze my hair. Personally, I suffer with a Magnesium deficiency… my body refuses to retain it so I have to take Magnesium infusions biweekly ( now). This video helped to answer several questions for me, but it has also created several more lol.

  5. Hello I just have one question my hair is growing but the grown area is coming in very slow, I must say I have an underactive thyroid I'm trying everything but it seems like it's not responding and I am natural, any suggestions on what I can try.

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