5 Times Scientists Gave Animals Drugs (and What They Learned)

It might seem like researchers give animals drugs just to make a good headline, but these experiments have taught scientists a lot. Hosted by: Hank Green Head …


  1. I'm interested in how Media whores (famous for their cocaine habits etc.) seem so okay with inviting migrants who are very different to them and some who act despicably by our standards. I don't dislike those migrants, I think they have right to live in their own lands fostering their own cultures and I am very pro tourism and sharing ideas. But for one thing I DO NOT want to be a minority amongst Pakistanis.

  2. #5 is more or less the premise of Stamet's psilocybin stack for ptsd that is currently in application in the patent office last I heard. Psilocybin+ lions mane as a ptsd treatment. In my experience it works extremely well compared to the other treatments on the market (which tend to temporarily help then make things worse).

  3. Opioids used correctly are just addictive as recreational use. It’s a humans homeostasis. If you provide your body opioids for a length of time, you will stop naturally producing natural painkillers and your body will compensate to adapt to the drugs. Then you take them away, your body doesn’t produce dopamine naturally so everything hurts. Your bodies homeostasis is used to compensating the opioids and now they’re not present so your blood pressure skyrockets, opiates slow down the digestive system. So now it’s in overdrive and you’re shitting like a goose and cramping up. Acute opiate withdrawals suck and you will get them no matter how you took the drugs. The severity depends on amount used, so someone taking a few extra hydrocodones wont be as bad off as someone banging a gram of heroin a couple times a day.

  4. A vaccine against opioids would make the medication none effective, since the high people get is directly part of the pain killing part of it, just like the natural pain killer of the body endorphins is also the feel good chemical and opioids are a analogues, so really there better off scraping the thing, I use these drugs and i depend on them to manage my pain but also i'm addicted to them, and I do abuse but safely and controlled lets say I will never take more and more i will keep it at the doses I take and I would hate to see this become a thing not only because it kills the euphoria but the job its intended to do KILL FREAKING PAIN!

  5. Ecstasy is NOT MDMA, at least as far as I understand (never used either, but have plenty of friends who have). MDMA is called Molly, and is (relatively) pure. Ecstasy is typically cut with cocaine or other drugs

  6. It's not just abuse or misuse of opioids that causes addiction to them. I fell 2 stories, landing on my rear end, wrecking my spine. I've had 4 operations to fuse a total of 9 vertebrae & implanted a neuro-stimulator which required 2 surgeries- 1 for the "trial" to prove to insurance that it worked & a 2nd one to place all the permanent parts to the actual device where temporary stuff had been, both of those were done by a pain mgmt clinic. I also had numerous injections & burnings of nerves at various location along my spine to mask the pain (injections) or get rid of the nerves altogether (burnings, the nerves grow back so it has to be done over & over again). I've been on opiods for 11 years now. I have never taken more than prescribed or more often than prescribed yet I've been addicted to it for at least 10 1/2yrs. You can't misuse or abuse them because you can only get refills early twice a year max & only for vacations or in preparation for an upcoming surgery that will prevent you from driving. So if you take more than prescribed, you'll run out before you can get a refill which causes withdrawals and excruciating pain bc your body has forgotten how to produce its own pain killers making a stubbed toe or something else that is minor hurt like being shot or giving birth. You also get drug tested at a minimum every other month or even every month if you're taking above a certain amount. They drug test you to make sure that you a) aren't selling your drugs & b) to make sure you have not been taking it improperly or using heroin or smoking pot or any other drugs or alcohol to excess. Given all that testing, you can't screw up bc if you're caught, they'll stop treating you cold turkey & your name out on a list sent to other pain mgmt clinics & hospitals so that no one will prescribe you pain killers except your dentist who will only give you a minimal dose & amount after say a root canal & crown, having teeth pulled, etc. That's why most all the oxycodone/oxycontin/morphine/codeine pills sold on the streets are bootleg made here in the U.S. or by the drug cartels in Mexico & smuggled in. That's why so many people have been dying from fentanyl bc Mexican cartels buy it from China for use in making the bootleg pills. Then a big drug addict will either crush it to snort it or "cook" it down to get rid of all the binding agents so they can shoot it up both ways cause them to get the full dose, pure, all at once rather than being released as the pill breaks down in your system. Sometimes the amount of fentanyl used is so much that even a person that has resorted to snorting or shooting it still overdoses bc they think they're getting the same pills they initially were prescribed & since they're looking for the same high they got when they first started taking them so they take more not realizing that the drugs they got illegally contain fentanyl so they overdose on what their friends or even their family thinks is regular pills they'd been prescribed previously & telling the police they overdosed on prescription drugs & then no autopsy is generally performed bc everyone thinks it was, say, oxycodone, not fentanyl, unless the person died with no witnesses or the family insists or it's someone rich & famous who has large sums of money in their will in which most times there will be an autopsy to rule out murder to get the money. A lot of times people switch to heroin bc it's easier & cheaper than black market pills whether real or bootleg. That's why pain mgmt clinics shouldn't be allowed to just drop the patient without weaning them off first or having them committed to a rehab facility. That's where the law drops the ball & those people fall through the cracks & end up buying something, anything or everything on the streets & how they end up at such high risk of dying from an overdose.
    I've been weaning myself off of my prescription drugs & have done so without withdrawals by substituting broad spectrum CBD tinctures for a portion of my prescribed dosage. Thus far I've eliminated 15mg of immediate release oxycodone & (2) 50mg extended release morphine pills per day. I don't have a mental addiction, only a physical one so I'm not craving it for the high. In fact, my pain levels have always been so high that the painkillers prescribed me never got me high, they just knocked the edge off the pain. I still hurt like hell but the full spectrum CBD w/3% THC (made federally legal in Dec 2018)tincture helps with the pain as well as the withdrawals.

  7. 1:17 I had to do a project on MDMA for a health class before. It makes you hallucinate, become really energized and feel “more intimate with others”. But it’s followed by such an intense depression that you never want to take it. People get suicidal after taking it because you go from such a peak high to such a low.

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