1. Look I’m fine with medical marijuana, I tried it, but the prices are like 500 dollars for 2 vials of e liquid. Why??? Plus for those on disability it’s ridiculous and insurance doesn’t cover it. Pointless.

  2. Yeah, DeSantis did nothing, but kick the can down the road and threaten the state, telling them to stop. If he really cared, he would take real steps to stop what the state is doing. He has as much power as Scott did, so he should use it!

  3. Bro just grow that shit fuck them big pharma bitches its just a plant grown in your backyard and smoke it for self if cop pull up its not like every cop don’t got a brain and cant understand your pain for the pleasure of locking you up so tell the judge your story and boom you might get a less harsh sentence cause its not intent to sell

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