1. Hey Justin just bought rapid led Emerson and exotic boards Carlo at rapid said to only run exotic board last 2 weeks of flower for a couple hours a day is that what you do or is that blue light not an exotic board your killin it they look 🔥 as fuk

  2. The mutant celery is what's better known as flat stem syndrome. You definayely do not want to bread with it. It is more common than you think, it comes from the cross of the Morroco and Pakistani, the Pakistani is the one that Carrie's the mutant gene. It would be a risk to the whole garden. Good luck bro! Love your vids. Hey I did not mean anything out of place when I asked if you were interested is selling it, that was all. Peace and growers love!

  3. I swear every time i make my own seeds i get half the seeds to do that triploid thing. I made a ton of autoflower seeds a few years back and a 3rd do that mutant thing early on in the veg cycle. Usually grow out of it tho.

  4. The original cross progeny will be f1's . If youre crossing f1 progeny back to its original parent then its an f1 back cross 👊🏽. An S1 is the progeny of female that you reverse and pollinate back to itself. Out of those s1 progeny you could back cross to the original parent creating an s1 reverse back cross. F2's are where you cross 2 f1 siblings. And s2 is where you cross 2 s1 siblings👊🏽 Stay Blessed ✌🏽💚🇬🇧🌬💨💨

  5. Its filial means of or from a son or daughter, pertains to pure genotypes ie parental crosses. By far the mutant celery is my favorite just for the look of it and it’s mop top.

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