How to Prepare For Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Preparing for the outdoor growing season is important to ensure a successful Cannabis grow outside. In this video, Rob & Trey break down what to do to prepare …


  1. Great video! Thanks for sharing. I have heard many people tell me first of June is good to start, but with all the rain from April, I have to agree with the end of the month is much better!

    Stay lifted!

  2. Awesome tips. We transplanted our marijuana plants outside last week. They’ll be going into flower in a few months. Veg indoors was the way to go because it’s hot as hell in Nevada.

  3. Im growing some
    Alien rock candy x skunk 1
    Lemon G x fruitbound
    Tahoe og x alien bluedream
    Chernobyl x space ghost
    Blue berry 'indica' f2
    Bigbud x ak47

  4. Hell yeah, great vid, CLTV. In Oregon, I germinate seeds April 1st, grow under a 125 cfl in a little 2 x 2 x 3 tent, in a good potting soil. Put em outside early May and harden off, with supplemental lighting so they don't flower. If I'm dealing with regs, they show sex around mid-May. Compost males. Transplant fems last week of May. I amend with Dr. Earth dry ferts, which gets me thru June. Then I top dress on the first of July, August, and September with more Dr Earth (bloom ferts, flower girl, in August and Sept), along with a few handfuls of compost and worm castings to add more microbes. I give G&B Organic liquid (has kelp and molasses and shit in it, good for microbes and sort of replaces compost teas for me) on the 1st as well and on the 15th. Otherwise, drench with water when pots are light, usually 20-25% of the pot size. I use 20 gal pots=5 gallons of water, usually they're thirsty every four days. Straight water from early to mid September on. My tomatoes get the same thing. Dank buds in October. Chuuch! I just typed all of this really, really fast.

  5. Thumbs up before I even started the vid… All I heard was Michigan. I just started grow 1.1, my last grow got stolen. Just jumping back in the culture with some GDP and PE. Looking for some fellow michiganders to follow. Likely this channel. Can't wait to start up loading vids. I have some editing to do. Keep it green fellas

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