GrowTube #86 – Nature's Kiss

EPISODE # 86 – NATURE’S KISS This week Bruce joins us from Nature’s Kiss joins us for a little GrowTalk. Bruce runs multiple facilities in multiple states so …


  1. Thanks everyone for participating in tonight's show! I greatly appreciate everyone in LIVE chat and all the comments and thumbs up!! How ya been? Let me know what your Friday Night GrowTube ritual is like!!! Drop a comment below! How do you prepare for #GrowTube ?

  2. PEPPERMINT OIL – get ride of mites fast and easy there is no need to pull and trash a crop for spider mites.
    Cinnamon – also good you must use a spray on the roots for them but i will just dust them by the soil and it will kill there ass aphids don't like cinnamon you can use Yuka and aloe so you could use 1 tbs per litter ad throw some yuka and if they ate in a clone just spray well they will not hurt the roots never had a issue with
    problams and it will kill the aphids. or you can dust the media and water it in works just as good…

    [email protected]

  3. One of the best shows in awhile! Bruce is legit and cares about his patients. And #deadEd with the Zumm was cracking me up! Falls asleep, wakes up rolls another. These guys seam like down to earth cannabiz owners. Please have #deadEd and Bruce back sometime soon! Nature's Kiss rocks! Great show Dawgo 💚🔥

  4. So hearing about you guys with russet mites and powdery mildew, these problems and othersproblems makes me wonder why you haven’t done the work yet to develop living organic soil and no till for your grows. Feeding the soil and using your amendments as an integral IPM from start to finish generation after generation, cycle after cycle for years in the same pots. Feed the soil isn’t the only way to go but weigh the pros and cons. Drain to waste, hope this guy isn’t pouring that stuff into the water table.

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