1. I have listened to everyone on this podcasts stand up and i might have laughed .once, i think
    And listening to them is cringy, theyre just not funny and When rogan drinks his annoying as FUCK
    Sometimes he has a guest on thats interesting or funny
    Like, Burr, delia, NDTyson, Schaub(yes schaub!!) and of course Theo
    9/10 PC is,,pfffffh
    Im bored bye bye

  2. They should do a sitcom on NBC but the laugh track is just 100 clips of Berts laughs overlapping each other each time…. It would sound like if you lived next to a pig farm.

  3. Joe's an asshole when he's drunk… rather him high so he dont pick out everything bert say's… bert chats shit… so what… he's funny as fuck and prob the nicest person on the podcast… just coz he says things that are not 100% true in a jokey way with his friends… joe's like no you can't… no you didn't… wait rewind that did he just say that…😡… i love joe but this is his asshole side i dont like…

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