Tragic Details About Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne has seen it all, and a lot of it has been… surprisingly awful, actually. Although Ozzy has been a both a world-famous vocalist and a reality show …


  1. Ozzy is a drug addict, a alcoholic and womanizer. He is the poster child for what happens to you when you party your whole life away. Most of us party when young and then keep it to special occasions. …not every bloody dam day.

  2. Just one big satanic Osborn Family…. I love how they make it out like he likes to give fatherly advice to his children. All these Stars belongs to secret satanic societies. I highly doubt they are teaching their kids morals. They bring their children along for the same sickness they have endured in order to get in the position in Hollywood to make all that money. Smile and say cheese for the camera, while behind closed doors these rich people are doing very sick evil Acts.

  3. Love Ozzy and his Music if it wasn't for Sharon to become his manager and pull him out of his slump who's knows where he would be today…She's definitely a smart woman with the reality shows…Ozzy he doesn't need the money that's for sure but Sharon and keeps pushing him out there…The young kids of today still love his music.🎼 I don't believe that a song no matter what the lyrics are where Ozzy should be blamed for kids killing themselves…because of a song maybe somebody else wrote the song and he's just singing it…. the biggest problem is both parents work nobody's ever home or the parents get divorced then the kid gets depressed…or turns to drugs… I listen to his music all the time and I have since he started I never once thought about killing myself over any song….🎼🎡🎢🎀🎧🎢🎡🎼🎀🎡🎼

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