1. Hands down steel case office chairs are the most comfortable chairs. They are very very expensive though,but in my opinion its worth it if you want a office chair that is super comfortable. There is adjustment for everything on thoes chairs

  2. I am not a big yellow fan, so it Wright made an optional color available, that would likely be the route that I would go if I was purchasing a Wright mower. I realize that color is not the most important thing on a mower by far, I'm just saying I'm not a yellow fan.

  3. Nick, I washed my mowers yesterday. I am still loving my 18 ft. car ramp to drive the mower up on to power wash it. It makes the task a hand so much easier. If you want to pass on some of that Super Clean to me, I'll try it out.

  4. Nick.. You Sir, are a cut above the rest.. see what I did there.. πŸ˜‰ .. Not many people would take the time to give back or inspire the next generation..By far the best line that I've found is the Husqvarna, just pick up a three pound spool this weekend. Keep up the great work..

  5. Hey Nick, Hope all is Well, πŸ€” Name for the Dodge: β€œTANK” & as far as Trimmer Line, I Really Like & Use β€œROTARY” Professional Vortex 095 Nylon Twisted Line. We Trim Allot of Fence Lines and This Line Hold Up Really Good πŸ‘πŸ» Ok Brother, Take Care & Glad to Hear you Finally Got Some Rain 🌧

  6. Do a review on that milwaukee sprayer im in the buisness for one and need to know if they worth the 500 they sell for because echo and stihl quit sellinh pump sprayer due to malfunctions

  7. Went back and was watching the video where u got the ram and was noticing ur comment about how smooth it is i own a 2014 and in 2010 when the 4th gen body launched they did away with rear leaf springs on the rams it has coil overs with 4 link suspension.

  8. awesome video Nick!! keep them coming! really enjoy them and appreciate all the helpful tips and tricks!, on the Vietnam,we lost my dad last July 3rd, he was in Vietnam and suffered from effects from Agent Orange for over 20 years, kidney failure, cancers, alzheimers etc.

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