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  2. I am a social drinker. Oh after that i am a social vomiter. And that every weekend. If people loose their moral standarts time after time They begin to build their own moral standarts

  3. People who want to smoke weed freely are the ones who are for legalising it. Thats funny. They dont give a damn about the effects it will have to the socity. I have a lot of childhood friends who are now unemployed. Familys broken .health is gone. Weed also leads to bigger drugs.

  4. ANTON LaVEY EXPOSED: Was Anton LaVey- the founder of the Church of Satan  a Jew? Yes, he was Jewish to the bone! The late Anton LaVey’s real name was Howard Stanton Levey. You wanna know something else?…..He was a ziopig too. He was a strong supporter of Israel. Blanche Barton in her book ‘The Secret Life of a Satanist: The Authorized Biography of Anton LaVey’  would recount that LaVey was….

    “involved with militant Israeli groups, some of which were running guns to the newly emerged nation – organizations with names like Betar, Hashimer Hatzair, Poale Zion, the Stem Gang, and Irgun.”

    And if that is bad enough,  Blanche Barton says “……I met Zionists that were right out of European prisons – not Nazi concentration camps, other prisons – that had lines of bullet scars up the backs of their legs from machine gun fire.”

    So yeah, it goes to show that the State of Israel’s government was not form by NAZI concerntration POWs, but it was founded by convicts and Satanist. [Disclaimer: I’m speaking out against those ziopigs in the Knesset, not the indigineous Jewish people of that country]


  5. I think its obvious by now to everyone that the only people who want to legalize drugs are junkies and privileged people who have not felt the negative effects of drugs. These people can't be reasoned with. You just have to let them suffer 100 years of there nonsense beliefs before they can understand.

  6. Cars are detrimental to society when reckless drivers are behind the wheel should we get rid of cars Lool .. yo the Muslim dude is chatting the most S.. people are free to do what they want.. he wants to say it’s not the religion why people blow themselves but then in the same breath it’s the alcohol to blame and not the people.. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  7. Well of course the political elite and followers of strict religious beliefs would
    like drugs legalised. It dumbs down the population of a country and targets young people to get them hooked.
    We have enough problems coming up where we will all need to be alert.

  8. Arguments for legalization are clearly stronger.
    – Less risk to health when you can choose you're the strain you want with different levels of THC/CBD
    – People don't get prosecuted, get a criminal record or go to jail for the crime of consuming a plant, which has no victims.
    – It will eliminate the black market for the product.
    – Where it has already been legalized the rates of consumption and crime has dropped.

    So the argument that this will somehow increase the use is complete conjecture and isn't supported by evidence.
    And seeing as the health risks of weed is less than alcohol and tobacco, it's not rational to keep it illegal.
    You can see it as making another drug legal, but if you weigh up the costs and benefits it's clearly better to legalize.

    I don't think it will even harm poor communities, sure lots of weed stores will open up just like liquor stores.
    But they will be in competition to some level. So in fact, legalizing weed may reduce alcohol consumption and the issues that come with that.
    Alcohol companies actually know this. Which is why they spend a ton of money lobbying to keep weed illegal.

  9. This is what happens when people who's opinions are based on experience, statistics and common sense meet people born into lower income families, in a particularity violent and culturally divided city, with an over exposure to unfortunate 7th century believe systems.

  10. The Americans are right, that dude does not have answers or arguments so he just disregarded everyone else’s perspective and pretends he is more intelligent.. he wants to live in a controlled state as of to say people are not able to think and act on behalf of themselves.. he needs the government to babysit him.

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