48 Hours In The Forest Of Cannabis

Despite the numerous benefit of Cannabis, it still remains an illegal substance in Nigeria. SaharaTV visited one of the farms where cannabis is being planted in …


  1. This is a powerful medicine we are looking at right now which other countries would do anything to have the same quality but our ignorant leaders who thinks from their anus would continue chassing shadows

  2. The white people tell African governments that India herbs is dangerous but here in Europe they are using it for soaps, shampoos, body cream, hair cream, medical care, t-shirt. Body oil. But we are here in Nigeria burning India herbs worth of billions every year. Does Nigeria government really think?

  3. To grow these in large amounts and then use them for medicinal and pharmaceutical needs would bring in so much global revenue it would help in infrastructure and feeding v the people, plus it would be completely legal

  4. The mention of Alagbaka should have been edited out of the video. That is a very good clue for a trained investigator. Back to biz our govt should mechanize the farming of Igbo and make very good export proceed.

  5. Colonials labelled our own gin as inferior yet we import gin and are growing their economy
    We even import cigarrette yet somebody will be telling me we have minister of agriculture growing rice

  6. Amazing job. Those idiots in government needs to leave them or help to make production easier. There’s revenue that will trickle out to communities and the country as a whole.
    Sahara always at the forefront of positive change and the bigger picture.
    So much talent but farmers also need encouragement.

  7. There is this misconception among many Nigerians that cannabis is only meant to be smoked. It seems many are ignorant to the reality that it can be brewed into syrup, infused into edibles. Plus the stalk of the plant is a stronger fibre compared to cotton. The plant can be used in construction of building materials. The holistic benefits are endless.

  8. The colonials labelled locally made in Nigeria gin inferior. Only for them to export theirs to Nigeria and generate revenue from its consumption in Nigeria. We didn’t learn from this deceptive manipulation. We are about to repeat the same mistake. Watch as the USA, UK, Canada corner this market in record Time, patent theirs and label others inferior to theirs. They will even engineer deceptive marketing to label made in Nigeria variety as adverse to health and ban it from been exported.

  9. Cannabis grows with little or no effort into its cultivation. Its to a certain degree pest resistant and insect resistant naturally and doesn’t need any artificial fertiliser that can cause harm to the environment and water ways.

  10. Nigerians stop speaking this slaves masters language and speak your normal languages or the common brooking English your known with, …………………..What is' it has been dying ? The government of Janjaweed will never make use of this great opportunity , Weed is natural plan by God, which can be used for so many good purposes , stop criminalize those using it,

  11. Ignorance is just the problem of our people in authority. Albania is a country without mineral resources, but they are growing Cannabis to sustain their economy. Nigeria and Nigerians should wake up before it's too late! We should never allowed the west to bring us down by condemning our produce. Everything that God created, He created them good and Cannabis included. Because, he said in His word that "All the herbs of the fields are for the healing of nations".

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