1. I hate when I try to explain my anxiety to my doctor , I find it so hard to explain my disorder, but only little pricks go in with no anxiety lie about having anxiety and get a massive dose of benzodiazepines getting outta there head all the time which I take Xanax or Valium whatever I’m still anxious not as bad but I worry constant and jus lay n bed all day ignoring everything FML

  2. My dr had me on xanax for 7 yrs after a physically abusive relationship. This drug almost ruined me. Once in a while for severe anxiety might be fine but anything other than that is unwise. Addiction to this can develop within 9 days. Be careful.


  4. Extreme anxiety can manifest as a life ruining, debilitating physical ailment. People have issues man it's not so simple as choosing to take a pill or not that temporarily helps. What if you were raped or something man? Or lost your whole family. Something you couldn't deal with emotionally. There is always a reason why, the drugs are a surface effect. He is really naive about it. What if you couldn't leave your house for a year because even in the comfort of your home you felt like you were constantly having a heart attack
    I don't even know what I'm anxious about but it isn't the type of anxiety he is talking about. It is hardcore fight or flight response to the max and unbearable to experience. Man, do you not have any friends with problems? Even heroin addicts can be chill, functional people seems a little judgemental to me dude that's all.

  5. "'A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on. A psychotic is a guy who's just found out what's going on."

    So Rogan is basically a meathead that doesn't believe in mental illness? Please let my next panic attack go straight to his ignorant heart. He needs the wake-up call. Benzodiazepines aren't "fun" to everyone that needs them and they only work well short-term or as needed for panic attacks. Panic attacks hit you out of no where. You can be having a great day and BOOM! It feels as though the air has been sucked from your lungs and your heart is going 140 bpm. It feels like you are going to fucking die. Let him experience this several times and see if his stance on benzos changes.

    Doug Stanhope is not a good example of a Xanax user. He is a good example of an alcoholic that likes to take Xanax recreationally. Benzos don't "kill the part of your brain that make you anxious". Benzos enhance gamma-aminobutyric acid at the GABA A receptor which is what causes the antianxiolytic/sedative/muscle relaxing effect (However some actually have a paradoxical effect and they can cause rage.) They also aren't used solely for anxiety. They are used for Essential Tremor, Meniere's Disease, muscle spasms, restless leg, and seizures to name a few. What do you think you are going to get if you have a seizure in a hospital or on the street when the EMTs arrive? A benzo; likely Ativan or Valium.

    Rogan needs to stick to his knowledge of drugs made in bathtubs and not comment on the ones he knows nothing about.

  6. I like people who are anxious because theyre actually caring about what is going on. Theyre fully aware even if its in a sort of overload state that person is still very valuable in fulfilling the prophecy of connecting with people

  7. It’s THE DEVILS DRUG! It takes years to taper off of them and u go through complete TERRIFYING TRAUMA NIGHTMARE IF U DONT ACTUALLY COMMIT SUICIDE! You are basically a vegetable having UNIMAGINABLE PANIC ATTACTS 24/7 if u try to STOP & there’s NO DETOX METHED EXCEPT TORTURE FIR YEARS???? It’s WORSE THAN A BAD ACID TRIP THAT WONT STOP! STAY AWAY 🛑

  8. Joe, I have more money than you and I’m so successful than you but my depression is killing me. What I’m trying to say is when your in a deep depression money, success, nothing matters because for one your living in a emotional, physical and psychological hell. Way past trying to find out what makes you happy but Xanax helps be keep it together

  9. Fuck that I take my Zoloft and Klonopin for my job – saved my life or else I'd have to quit from the pressure. At the end of the day, to me, it is all about quality of life. I'd rather be "dependent" on medications rather than spend the rest of my life dreading every little thing and constantly over-analyzing everything – its self-torture man.

  10. As someone who never cries, I got teary eyed when a doctor prescribed me Xanax. I had never taken it before. My anxiety gets so bad I can't breath, panic attacks. I've even been fainting and it's taking me out of work. I'm extra stressed because of the fainting spells. It could either be anxiety or something else. I have a lot of tests I need to do. Xanax is good for people who need it. It's helping me through this difficult time in my life. For the record, I have had anxiety problems since I was a child. I couldn't articulate what was wrong with me and I was ashamed to tell my parents how I felt. I've survived through life by the grace of God. Now I'm finally getting help. If you can relax just by meditating, consider yourself highly blessed. A lot of people do need these medicines. It's a shame so many people abuse these meds and give it a bad rep.

  11. I can and still do take quite a bit of Xanax. I get 30 0.5 mg xanax a month but that is gone in a few days because I use it to help me sleep. In every Mexican pharmacy ive been in (more than 10) Valium, Ativan and xanax is available to literally anyone who wants it. Used in moderation, there’s nothing wrong with it, especially if your life improves due to a lack of anxiety, I.e working a job. Klonopin, IMO, is more dangerous than Xanax because it lasts so long. I crashed a car after taking a klonopin. Bad news.

  12. Xanax is fucking amazing until it ruins your life and it's too late. You have to deal with the shit that makes you anxious. Thank god I'm off that shit. Made me sick for months when I quit.

  13. For all we know Joe uses Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, etc. I don't think he is 100% honest about his past drug experiences. He only really admits to taking mushrooms, DMT, and marijuana. Some podcasts he looks like he has been snorting a little coke. He talks about adderall pretty consistently too. He gets test injections regularly. It's definitely not inconceivable that Joe has experimented with these common drugs but doesn't want to admit it for obvious reasons.I'm not saying Joe is a drug addict. I just think he likes to experiment with drugs and see how they affect your mind. It just seems wierd that Joe has smoked DMT but never taken a pill. Or I could be wrong. Just speculation…

  14. People, stay away from Xanax. This is one of the worst drugs you can take. If you don’t have anxiety or panic attacks, don’t take it. I used to take them when I was in my twenties and nothing good came out of it. The withdrawal is horrendous and you can actually die from it. I’ve had seizures when I stopped it abruptly and almost died in a car crash when I had a seizure while driving on a highway. When on Xanax, you do crazy shit cause it makes you feel invincible, fearless and aggressive and you don’t remember a thing the next day. I’ve caught a number of criminal cases while I was abusing it. Some days I would wake up in jail, not knowing where I was and what I did. This stuff is the worst. Ended up doing 2 years in jail for some crazy shit I didn’t even remember committing. Haven’t touched Xanax for 8 years after my release. Stay away from it kids.

  15. I have very bad mood swings. One minute I am fine the next I want to fight the world. It's a good drug in moderation if used correctly! Anything is bad for you when you over do it! Just like people put down Suboxone! Suboxone is for recovering addicts! It is No way like methadone! Methadone gets and keeps you high all day so you don't use! Suboxone does not get you high, not even when you abuse it! It blocks that part of your mind that makes you want to get high! I have a Big problem with people who put it down but never was addicted to a damn thing! No one should give advice on this unless you have walked a mile in their shoes! My husband is and has been clean(without relapse) for 5 years. He has tried to stop taking Suboxone but every time he does he says that he starts thinking of using again! His Dr. Said he will be on it for life. Addiction is a disease! If you have high blood pressure are you going to stop taking your blood pressure meds just because some people says it's just a drug? If it helps you and betters your life you take it and to hell with what other people say!

  16. The problem with xanax is that you literally disinhibit yourself into an addiction. Its not like alcoholism. You dont wake up and deside to take another shot to regain the feeling. You keap eating them because your always fucked up. Then you wake up two years later.

  17. The anxiety you treat with drugs isn't same as being a little nervous or feeling a bit unwell. The anxiousness that requires xanax is the type where you might feel like you're going to have a heart attack or you can't breathe. But it's obviously not meant to be a cure just a plaster so you could fix it through therapy

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