1. 2am and im youtubing as i cant sleep, so i click on this because he always cheers me up BUT 2am isnt a good time to be crying loudly with breath stealing laughter, as i wake the entire household. Absolutely entertaining and hilarious. Dave Chappelle is a master of humour, may he rule for many many years. Thanks for the fantastic laugh. Be safe and well.
    Bob. Australia.

  2. Incredibly ignorant and Misleading title.
    No where nor at any time has Dave even remotely implied that racism, in any proportion, is good for us. He clearly and simply
    states that it is better to have things out in the open. Since we are all racist to varying degrees, this is not only true, it is paramount to our growth as a species.
    Your title promotes racial divide. Unlike Dave who has worked hard most of his life at showing us how utterly ridiculous racism is.

  3. "If we had a black Santa Claus that would suck! We wouldn't get our presents till the 28th, 29th…" Had a teacher in HS that was an ex-military NCO who told us to always schedule meetings, etc. 30min before you wanted to start, as black people operate on CPT (Colored People's Time) because they always show up 30min late. Before anyone gets all pissy about that, just know that the old man has been pushing daisies for decades, and I just wanted to share what older generations were like.

  4. The new Dave Chappelle is not Dave Chappelle absolutely not he doesn't talk like me doesn't move like him he doesn't have any mannerisms like him he doesn't dress like him and what's with the cigarettes and vaping all over the stage

  5. I wish Americans could speak openly like this in the same fashion soldiers and police officers lovingly give eachother shit…Trump's a good start though πŸ™‚

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