How to Find Your Dream Job

So many people are stuck in a job they hate. But that doesn’t have to be you! These tips will get you into a job you LOVE! Get more great career advice from Ken …


  1. Yes! So great seeing Rachel growing into her success. He was absolutely right, she had to earn credibility for her role and she is doing just that. I’ve been watching her since she was probably 25-ish and you absolutely see the difference in her quality of professionalism in front of the camera. I’ve only got a few years on her but I can tell you she’s matured so much over the last couple of years. Her work has become so relevant to our age group and Rachel IS the future of Ramsey Solutions. Great job!

  2. I am cautious about finding a "dream job." That is actually a contradiction in terms; 98% of workers don't have careers, they have jobs (defined as something you wouldn't do unless you were paid). More realistic is finding a job you can live with; I had a horrific supervisor who seemed enthralled with the work and demanded the same of her staff and it was a nightmare.

  3. This was great, thank you for the tips, my dream job is to own a Jamaican restaurant .so I think I'm going to volunteer my time in restaurant kitchens for food pre. So I can learn some techniques and help at the same time. I hope some one says yes.

  4. You guys THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for posting this video and I’m glad you guys touched the broadcasting industry because that’s exactly where I want to have a career as a television host.

  5. Once you identify your dream job, I'd strongly recommend making a vision board and including that! It's a great way to motivate your subconscious to help you reach your goals!

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