1. I feel kind of ridiculous sharing this thought, but I'm drunk so hey why not lol, I seriously feel like Yelawolf has become the Tool of new hip-hop/blues/rock. His body of work is so expansive and broad, but I just find every song to be appealing in it's own way. And everything he does seems to gets better with time, every song feels like an onion with layers or whatever the saying is haha 🍻🍻 Would love to see you do Yelawolf – Over Here when you get a chance dude.

  2. Man i never really listened to yellawolf outside of the cypher with shady, but I've been getting back around to him lately and im impressed! You know he's leaving shady records? I wonder what independent country rapper might be so tempting that yellawolf said fuck this shady shit! Creek Squad!

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