1. Wants a proper job when he leaves Uni – LOL. He's going to get a shock when he finds out how much non drug dealers get paid for how much effort.

  2. all this because the gov has its people in place(Police) to come get their fair share of your untaxed cash. Thats all. If anyone elese says otherwise you can kiss ma ass 🙂

  3. Curtains crack with the sunlight shining in…Cargo trains connected with 5lbs pins…Barge tied up sitting high up in the port….Tug boat coming help to push us out to port…hangars doors open about to pull out the planes…I swear I like the way Jazmine Sullivan sangs…Semi's at the gas station time to fill up….I got the coffee maker brewing so I can fill up my cup…Times been hard since the system fell down….One cellphone number knocked the entire team down…To much information pushing up from the earth…I told you at his funeral that I was covered from birth….Now I look over streets and it's a totally different scene…No one the corners to see what it brings…Now I"m shut down with them spirit's outside waring…can't even move at times cause of weight that they be pouring…so when I raise up the stop light turns green…energy moving cars and birds forming new scenes…I can fire up a cigarette and move 50 tons worth of Caine…While shipping medical marijuana out on them trains…If shipping prices don't rise gas will stay low…About to walk through the airport soon as I go blow…Mouth closed spazzing while fighting with my thoughts…waring with an inquisitive spirit that makes everyone talks…

  4. They've got sniffer dogs outside clubs in the UK? That's fucking mad! Here in Amsterdam they just pat you down lightly to check if you ain't got any weapons on you thats it.

  5. "Some people use drugs as a gateway to escape, thats when addiction comes into it" This guy just nailed addiction (ALL forms of addiction… gambling, drugs, sex etc etc etc) That is what it is. It isn't about the drug or the bet or the sex, it is about the need to escape reality. This is why drug addiction should not be a criminal matter, this is a mental health issue!

    Decriminalize it.
    Make it safer for the people using it.
    Rehab/education NOT jail.

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