Bicarbonate of soda PROSTATE PROBLEMS NEED YOUR RESULTS FOR TRIAL ! We need your help to asses just how effective the bicarbonate of soda …


  1. Andrew, I became aware of problems with urination (discomfort and flow) first PSA was 8.3.
    I went to a vegan diet, no wheat or any other grains for that matter, sugar or dairy.
    By the time I had a second PSA a few weeks later it was 6.1.
    Then my urology appointment arrived, the PSA was repeated which was about about three weeks later and it was down to 3.2. Had an MRI which revealed a significant lesion in the right apex of the prostate. On my return visit I was very brave and declined biopsy as I believe the damage caused to the prostate could be detremental and possibly spread things,, the DR really was not happy! I started on Baking Soda three days ago and I am maintaining the vegan diet. From starting the BSoda things feel slightly more settled with the discomfort of peeing and the flow also well improved,,, I no longer cringe while peeing or dread going to the bathroom.
    I will update when I have the PSA repeated. I know I can''t say for definate it is cancer as I refused biopsy, but I believe it is.
    There is no way I would ever opt for cut, burn or want to muck with my hormone profile.
    I am delighted your doing well,,your looking much better,,, thanks for putting this all together you are an inspiration.
    Best Wishes, Ray

  2. You cannot affect your bodies pH by diet! That function is done by the liver and kidneys. If baking soda and maple syrup are having an effect it isnt because of pH.
    A guy at church told me about this and said his PSA dropped from 3.8 to 2.6 over a 10 day span. Ok, he has his next PSA in a couple of months, we'll see where it is then.

    In the mean time I'm sticking with my elixir of the best studied and most promising supplements, flax seed, tumeric, pomegranate, green tea extract and broccoli powder.

  3. Update 1-29-2018 I had another PSA test on 11-2-18 my PSA was 17.7 (up from 8.3 2 weeks earlier) so this may get a bit confusing but I have had my PSA checked at 3 different labs and they may all be using a different test which could account for the big differences so I went back to the 1st lab and retested 1-12-2018 my PSA was 22.2 (previous at this lab was 12.8 on 1-24-17 and 12.7 June 2017) this scared me but then I found out sexual activity before the test can affect the results opps then I retested at the 3rd lab on 1-24-2018 my PSA was 18.9 (previous at this lab 11-2-18 PSA 17.7)
    I've had several different labs because it's hard to get my doctor to order PSA tests every month
    recently I found a lab that will do it without going through my dr so I will retest again in a few weeks and report back
    So far my results are mixed I have been diligently using the baking soda regiment I am now going to add in a ketogenic diet with the baking soda regiment…. I hope to have good news soon but I will report either way good or bad

    Andrew, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer January 24th 2017 my PSA level was 12.8 I was tested again in June 2017 and my PSA was 12.7 I did a lot of research online and decided to try the baking soda maple syrup concoction I did it religiously for 3 weeks along with the Budwig Diet and mistletoe and B17. I just had my PSA tested 10-18-17 and it is now at 8.3 I will continue the protocols and report back again in December but so far it looks like it does work!!!
    I will report back if it does not work as well
    I hope we can get more people to report their results

  5. Roberto from Canada, my prostate has been removed 2 years ago and my PSA is going up it is at 3.7 now. I start right now your
    protocol and I will be glad to send you my futur psa. Good luck to Everybody!

  6. My name is Emma Okeh. On 18/04/17, I reported that by using baking soda and honey protocol I had my PSA dropped from 18.630 to 11 within 12 days. Since then I have been on the protocol religiously. I am happy to report today that as at 11/08/17 when I had my last PSA test the result showed a reading of 3 mg/DL. Besides, the symptoms of prostate issues which I had are no more. Andrew, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you and Apostles of baking soda protocol for a job well done. Thanks indeed.

  7. just eat sugar apple, that will cure cancer.. search it on google..and guyabano- miracle friut. those will cure cancer, proven in the philippines… and you can still drink your baking soda

  8. Andrew, here are my trial results. PSA before 15.12 (April 3) 15.4 (April 19) and PSA 17 days after starting protocol (5/16) is 15.2. I went vegan, did juicing, ate nuts and apricot seeds, baking soda for 2 weeks keeping at 8.1-8.5, lots of ginger and turmeric and other great supplements. I have to admit I am disappointed, I expected to see some movement but I am not giving up. A couple of alternative clinics told me on the phone that 2 weeks is too short a time frame to see change, that it would 30-60 days or more. Today I get my biopsy, and we already know I have a significant nodule. Praying for Gods healing and direction and a favorable outcome!

  9. My PSA has been consistently 15 (15.1 and 15.4) so I am heading to biopsy with great concern. I started baking soda yesterday and changing to vegan diet now. I will get next PSA May 16th and will report results on May 17th. I've got nothing to lose! Also doing heavy ginger, vitamin D3, resveratrol, and POMI-T, so there is no way of knowing if a change occurs how much is due to each supplement.

  10. My name is Emma Okeh. My PSA result on 24-03-2017 was18.630. After my first 12 days on baking soda protocol which ended 16-04-17 my PSA today 18-04-17 showed a massive drop to 11. I will continue after a week off. I live in Abuja Nigeria.

  11. I'll let you know how mine goes. Two years ago my PSA was 1.9. One year ago it was 2.5. A few weeks ago it was 3.7. My Free/Total Ratio was 13%. So all figures heading in the wrong direction. Although crapping myself, I've decided not to rush with any biopsy or operation. I figure I have time to experiment before having to go under any knife 🙂
    I'll try your 200 point regime (to battle the house fire with many hoses). Really appreciate your videos & information as it gives us all hope. By the way, many sites report Bicarb of Soda as having a PH of between 8.0 & 9. What ever the number I don't care. Just hoping it works. Get back to you in approx 4 weeks. Cheers & thanks

  12. Hello, Dr Andrew, I have the prostate problem too. My PSA is VERY HIGH. ,I want to get this down soon. I am going to start the soda wonder from tomorrow. I will be in touch with you,Please let me know ,What is the best time to drink Soda? Now In the morning I take bee honey every day , I have been doing this for many number of years . So your soda treatment is new to me. Any way I have to thank you for your informative video and your kindness.I am expecting a quick response.

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