1. kinda weird that betterhelp is confirmed to be a scam and all the "therapists" are just random people who have no obligation to actually help you or show up for the lessons you payed for
    so weird to see old videos of people advertising a scam that actually hurt people

  2. I agree with you 100%, I think the way Shane and that therapist went about the topic was so disgusting tbh like its a mental illness, not something to make "entertaining" and edit that shit out of it. after. that series i'm pretty much done with Shane

  3. For those who don’t know;

    A sociopath is pretty much someone with a personality disorder and they have very high arrogance. They live to try and control something or someone. Also, they usually have the invisible feeling of “I’m better than you, and everyone here.”

    They usually feel a sense of enjoyment upon the suffering of people or animals and are definitely prone to being abusive verbally and sometimes even physically.

    They say beautiful sounding words that can be equally as meaningful as the ugly, foul words they say.

    So basically an adult 2 year old with some adult knowledge, but no emotions for their victims. Just fake. All fake, and all bad.

  4. I've been living with mental illnesses all my life and to see YouTubers/influencers/public figures make it "entertainment" is so messed up because it's already not taken seriously as it needs to be. THANK YOU for pointing out all of these important points. I wish everyone could be more insightful. It's not easy to stop and think about certain topics, but as someone who has gone through a lot of therapy, I have realized that it is so important to DO IT ANYWAY. Because these topics are really really easily manipulated into what they are not and can lead to serious problems in the future for a lot of people.

  5. Bruh I thought a sociopath was someone who heard like a little voice in they head that tells them whatever they're doing that is wrong, is right and they don't feel guilty. I'm am c o n f u s i o n

  6. Normal people: fantasizes about s3x
    Me: Creates this huge fantasy of rising to fame, committing a nono, private messaging PewDiePie for apology advice, then taping the best damn apology video the world has ever seen. 




  7. Anti social personality disorder does not mean sociopathy or psychopathy. All three are different things.

    Also it is not necessarily a bad thing to know a sociopath. They are not all bad people. It just means they process things differently. Not all psychopaths, sociopaths, or people with antisocial personality disorder are criminals or killers either.

  8. Shane produces entertainment. This is like some ID channel stuff and his interviews are like Oprah interviews lol. I don't take him terribly seriously but I really enjoy his content- its entertainment.

  9. Shane did a shitty job, but he's right about Logan and Jake Paul being Sociopaths. I don't have a PHD or a doctorate but…. Pretty sure they are both fuckin' crazy. not crazy in a good way, but in a very very bad way.

  10. Exactly, thank you, I'm a psychopath not a sociopath, most psychpaths are thought to be "murderers" or "killers" when in reality we're like everybody else just our brain works differently. Most pyschopaths thrive in buisness do to the lack of empathy.

  11. there are SO many things wrong in the shane dawson video. they skipped a huge part of ASPD, which is MANIPULATION. they might not actually feel empathy or sadness for someone else, but they can make someone else believe they do to get what they want. so, in other words, if they want sex, they’ll make someone else feel like they like them. and if some people do that, that also doesn’t mean that they’re sociopaths!!! this is such a complex topic and he treated it horribly.

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