1. Not a fan of China, not a fan of their theft of design, not a fan of their impact on US Maker’s, I’ll stick with my Inkosi and my XM-18.

  2. Just so you know that blue one, it's called gray when you order it. But I agree I like the way it looks. Out of all of them I like the fh41 the best.. the one thing I don't like about the fh51 is that they didn't cut enough space in the handle to release the liner lock. I've compared it with some of the others and it is kind of a shallow cutout for your thumb to press the liner lock to release it. I'm going to buy a bit for my drill to sand it in that one spot a little bit to allow my thumb more space to release the liner lock.

  3. After extremely disappointing performance in cardboard, I am not recommending the FH51. In fact, after sitting down and thinking about it, I realized I have seen no less than 8 knives in Chinese D2 from three companies (Ganzo, Civivi and Kubey) perform abysmally for edge retention over the last two months. Either all three companies are burning the edges during factory sharpening or all three are careless with their heat treat. Either way, I'm done with that steel for a while and I'll be trying out some 14C28N offerings from Ruike and Real Steel.

  4. Gearbest has the FH41 and FH51 on sale. Ordered one of each in the grey/blue. The nice thing for me about ordering from Gearbest is that by the time they arrive they will be a surprise.

  5. FH51 is my current smaller Ganzo favorite but I have a FH41 coming that I haven't played around with yet and the FH21 is what set my Ganzo craze off. The knife for the money is hard to beat.

  6. I just got a F7533-CF. Was surprised by how nice the carbon fiber looked on it. And, by the way, those pouches with the toggle thingy help dry away my lefty tears when you say "gross". Wow, just wow! And you said sorry and everything. Now I can both have fun watching your videos and keep my contacts well lubricated. Bittersweet, oh, well. p.s. Those inserts for the lefties are gross, so I would like to be the bigger person and offer a true apology.

  7. I love Ganzos…. solid knives and if you beat on em or happen to lose one, you're only out $25 bucks. If your rough with a custom you'll be pissed later. Like you said they are gate way knives.

  8. Thank you for your videos. You both have introduced me to Ganzo knives and grounded me from higher end knives back to these great values! Thanks for saving me from being a complete knife snob and helped me remember the gems we all started out with.

  9. May God have mercy on your soul if you post a Ganzo or Firebird on any Facebook knife page except for Ganzo World. Normal people become keyboard cannibals.. You'd be lucky not to be banned out right. And NEVER say the word that cannot be spoken but rhymes with Gazoo.

  10. Just bought an fh11-cf to do a custom project I’ve been thinking about. On a side note I found y’all through BladeHQ and I’ve been seriously enjoying the channel. My wife is deployed and so the house tends to be quiet so I put you guys on the TV in the living room. Your sense of humor and tendency to turn anything into an innuendo is very much like my wife and mine. So thanks. You’re doing more than just knife reviews for some

    Sorry for the long post.

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