The House Bill 21 is going into effect July 1st with new prescription restrictions in Florida.

There is a lot to be concerned about with how a patient will manage their pain after July 1st. My Florida Green is your alternative to synthetic medication.


  1. That's a damn addict, what the hell is left right B.S that reference is pertaining to someone shooting 💉 drugs with heroin, what a bunch of idiots, they are not concerned, just trying to, think it's illegal now to put 💰 in their stank account.

  2. That is not true, the death rates is not true either, sound like legal drug dealers! Why don't I just back out of my driveway to your hell, opioiate is the miracle drug and they are persevering it for certain groups of people..

  3. I have never heard of anyone oding on weed. I will have to move from FL. and I know of 5 other people saying the same thing. I cant stand cause my feet and legs burn from damaged nerves why should trust FL they havent been honorable in this whole mess.

  4. Excellent clip, thank you for the focus and in-depth content. Pls share this video to get this info out there!

    I live with spinal pain from nerve impingement from stenosis. Also neck pain from repeated whiplash. I really need this medication and the poison pills have some terrible side affects so I avoid taking them to deal with the pain. Pls help this movement, we all need your support!

  5. I have my medical card and I also take pain pills, but not at the same time. You can’t smoke and go to work, so taking 2 pain pills get’s me through the day until I get home and can use my vape. Some days I only use my vape and other days I can use my pain pills. I know what works for me, and am able to handle both, and that’s my right. This makes me very concerned! My pain doctor is in complete agreement with me, he knows I can handle both.

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