The 2019 Garden Of Weeden – All The Clones Are Planted!!! – Happy Mother’s Day🥳🥳🥳

Shout out to Growbiz in Santa!!! Shout out to Rasa Hydroponics In San Jose,CA!!! Shout out to For The Amazing Coffee!!! Use the …


  1. I have some problem with my clones i need some help getting them bigger and stronger.Great job on your clones the female clones really good taken care off i had a similar problems on thwm wanting to preflower KBG keep it lit.

  2. I love seeing more and more people using organics, no-dig/no-till, cover crops, companion planting etc. It's always seemed a little weird to me to grow nature's finest medicine inside a sterile lab.

  3. Those are some healthy looking clones. My clones do well but not as big as the plants from seeds. I have many seedlings coming up, got many 4' bushes already budding up and just harvested a few already, they look like auto grows. next year I wont start my seeds till mid March. Let's grow.

  4. Is there any way to make my own silica for my plants? I don't like to buy things. I try to grow and make as much as possible for my garden.

  5. Yeeeee went to Rasa yesterday and they hooked it up fast with cool freebies when I let them know I was coming from Livermore to shop after watching KGB videos. I'm on that fish shit

  6. Gday kali from Australia mate
    No kosher kush this year ?
    My favourite strains are kera Cali Burmese kush an delicious candy
    Hey love yer work brother. !
    I’m gonna try your teas next season

  7. I wish you good luck. I my personal garden I haven’t had good luck putting clones before June 1st. They always go into flower and it takes approx. a month to completely grow out of it. I’ve Been growing since the early eighties and clones for ten years. I’m pretty sure we live in the same area. My guess is you are in the South Bay so we have the same daylight hours. I’m in The Oakland Area. Good luck. OG out. 👍🏻

  8. Same brother i have down everyting you have told us to do threw your videos and my afghan kush came out like a boss best buds i've ever grown so frosty with tricomes can't wait for spring to come and let my forest grow . Peace out Growmie

  9. would of dope to see the original strains you decided to grow at the beginning of the season coming up but like you say bro, just happy accidents. would love to hear any updates on your thoughts on pursuing an indoor set using no till.

  10. KGB. You’ve helped me. Now I’ll help you. Don’t put clones out til June 1st. But since they’re in ground. Supplement the light to get 16 hours at least til June 1st. Otherwise they will go into flower immediately and you will lose precious time brother!!
    Please like this comment to catch his attention.

  11. I currently have a White Widow that started to pre-flower at 5 weeks. It’s 7 weeks old now and has a lot of pitils. The plant is indoors for now and on a 18 hour light cycle.

  12. How many hours a day are your plants getting now? Were they raised with 24? My plants started flowering at 1410 after being indoors on 24. I added supplimental to 186. I am in michigan and plan on putting them outdoor around june 1st day length will be 15 hours 20 mins on that day. Any advise from anyone what i should do for lighting? My first grow but my plants are 3 times the size of kaligrownbuds. R

  13. Hell yeah!! I Use Npk raw silica. It's a must.. instantly when I started using it my stocks got way stronger and thicker. If you like low stress training, it's wat chew need. It's amazing shit!

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