States Bring New Price-Fixing Suit Against Generic Drug Makers

Mike Papantonio and Trial Magazines Editor Farron Cousins discuss a new suit filed by 44 states alleging that 20 major drug manufacturers conspired to …


  1. Misdirection by Dems and their PR wing, Media

    13 Dem senators voted against drug importation from Canada…12 Republicans voted yes……if not for Dems, the U.S. generic pricing issue could not have occurred

    Booker, who received the most pharma legal bribes/campaign contributions, voted no due to "safety concerns"

  2. I have to respond to some of these comments. Here's an FYI on our Democrats. The Democratic party takes millions from the ACC. (American Chemical Council ) which some of the members are Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, Exxon. Obama STACKED our FDA, USDA, EPA with high end employees from Monsanto. It was my Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow that killed all of our hard work to require GMO LABELING, getting passed that NO STATE can have GMO LABELING REQUIREMENTS and overturned the law in the 4 states that had already passed it. She got over 600,000.00 in one year from them. This is not a Republican problem. All this shit did not start in 2016. The Democratic Party is the biggest recipient of Monsanto $$. I want to hear all you party loyalist bitch about these Democrats just like you do the Republicans. You better start holding BOTH OF THESE CORRUPT PARTIES ACCOUNTABLE. Or we will never get out of this mess.

  3. Pap, it's not that the dems don't get it. They absolutely do get it. They aren't in it to win it. They get just as much corporate $$ when they're in the minority. Just a bit more for who's in the Oval office. They're running Biden to dilute the first round vote for dem candidate so they will have to have a second round which is when the Super Delegates gets to insert their pre picked corporate plant. And just like they did with Hillary, they know there's a huge chance their pick will lose to Trump. But as far as they're concerned better Trump than Sen. Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard. So no, there is nothing wrong with the Dem Leadership. This is their planned strategy. They are not dumb, or weak. They are wicked conivers.

  4. These would be more interesting if guests were actually allowed to speak. The Monsanto section is just awful – which is a shame as news of this needs to get out.
    PS The sound quality is just terrible on Mike's microphone.

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