1. That blond girl is soo attractive yet why is she dating such a rude person ?? That annoyed the fuk out of me. She should date someone who appreciates her value.

  2. That one Christian dude but seriously be blue ballin and miserable as fuck, no hate, i thought they were funny af since they couldn't even ask half the questions, and yes I know it's possible to marry without sex, and many people are happy blah blah blah but seriously, you gotta feel for a brother when he cant get no pussy from a girl that looks to be lucky if she gets dicked down one day.

  3. This is like including down syndrome people in an intelligence competition. The first normative of coupling is with the other sex.

    Yeah you can be disgusted by me. It's natural since I'm expressing my disgust by you, whether you are one of the afore-referenced deformities, or stupid enough to fight for them to be considered normal. Endangering the human norm, goddamn retard.

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