1. I had colon/rectal Cancer stage 3 in 2016 and it didnt phase me. Its hard to explain but I knew it was serious
    and the Drs said I had it for 2 years prior so my tumor was pretty big but I didnt care.
    I never felt like I was going to die…..I just felt like it was the flu or something and I would get over it.
    I had 6 weeks of continuous daily radiation, had 4 surgeries and took a chemo pill for 6 weeks.
    My tumor was gone so I denied 6 months worth of IV chemo my Oncologist wanted me to have.
    Ive been fine ever since with some side effects of skin from radiation but that is it. Its all how u think about it and
    remaining positive helps! I also craved fruit, raw veggies and dill pickles during my treatments

  2. Elisa can you do a video fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and vascular disease ? I have all 3 and I am more afraid of the medications’ side affects and refuse to take anything besides atorvastatin and daily adult aspirin due to family history. These conditions I believe have affected me because I am an empath and highly sensitive person. I am 53 but in my late teens I suffered from HS. Hidradenitis Suppurative was chronic for many years and I also refused to consider it an incurable condition. I found a cure for the HS and it is no longer an issue for me today, except for the major invasive groin surgery I agreed to have years ago. Thank you any info will be much appreciated ! Thank you 😊

  3. Hi Elisa and Eric. Thank you so much for your advice. I also read that cancer is a sort of fungus that feeds of sugars, so you should eat as little carbohydrates as possible, but I don't know if it's true. Much love/Paula

  4. Get rid of animal products from your diet.. we are energy beings and our bodies are not made to consume dead animals that turn into viruses and bacterias. stop consuming animals and you will be cured of all diseases.

  5. Thank you so much for this video. I was diagnosed with stage I renal cell carcinoma in October and had a partial nephrectomy in November and am doing great. I like to listen to this video to keep my mind open to other ways to remain healthy! ♥️

  6. My heart goes out to the lady that started crying. How beautiful that you can hear her voice, energy . I wish I could hear my husband's voice in dreams. Now let me be sensitive with this question. !!!! How come you're saying that cancer comes from anger when little kids have no anger built up and they get all kinds of cancer. Babies. Toddlers and so on and so on. Please explain. I don't want to hear the answer from anyone but you guys who are channelling and thank you. Elda lol the big corporations should clean up their acts and not put so much garbage in our foods. Right now my dog is going through that. He also has arthritis and a big lump on his belly. He has only eaten food from the vet. And it's expensive. He's 11 years old.

  7. Ok this is my discovery its energy in water I will show you lemon juice plus 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon of honey tea black 3 bags 20 oz Kagan water let soak overnight then the add those other ingredients and Kagan water ice I will show you the light https://youtu.be/aKiaG4K3r0k ok watch the power in water the light

  8. Hi, all. Can Erik and his Mom do a video on Heptitis c out break? Why doctors not testing everyone for it? I got it from an infected partner. I never had sex at the time and i never done drugs. Also, please do a video on disorders like Fibromyalgia, Interstitial Cystitis, Arthritis, etc… You know internally issues. Please do one? Thank you. I think internally issues is a past life.

  9. I love you Elise and I appreciate and love all your videos and sorry for your loss. I lost my baby and hearing stories of the afterlife gives me hope I will see my son again ❤️❤️ x

  10. We really really need to eat …ORGANIC….even if we eat organic have to be careful where rice is grown..cause also in the dirt there can be too much of arsenic…only in Pakistan or india rice is the best…….yes i love all this interview….people really should listen to this..i am vegetarian……..and do my best…..yes coconut oil is good..but better be careful where one get it!!!

  11. Thank you for this. Found out today my mother has inoperable breast cancer and is too old for chemo. The road ahead will be difficult, but knowing there are angels and Erik around and that there is something beyond the death of the body, is somewhat comforting

  12. This is all very interesting but was wondering if Eric was ever asked about the effects of ozone therapy such as ozone water. My precious dog passed from cancer in July. I had ordered the machine and it arrived the after she died.

  13. Can you please ask Erik on CHD? My son was born with it. It is more deadly than cancer in children. Fortunately, my son got a heart transplant but so many kids die waiting on a heart. Is it a contract? I love you guys.

  14. What if I say most cancer is caused by artifitial means? Most if not ALL cancer 'victims' are TIs, targeted individuals, based on DNA, blood type? What I know now, half of the European population will get cancer!

  15. Now we know, the meaning of life, is LOVE. Thank You Erik! … Delores Cannon said to let go of all the hate we have for another.. I was typing this when they mentioned ANGER. Goose Bumps!!!

  16. BOTH docs & regular folks need to believe the successful "field studies" (<true stories spoken by survivors…!) (big Pharma will NEVER allow actual lab studies with successful results of natural healants to be widely published!) will be the way to kick cancer…educate yourself! It is up to you.

  17. It always amazes me that many folks do not think of the average pellet dog food as "processed" food. And social media has managed to convince many that our pets should never eat real veggies or meat cuz that's "bad"….very tragic that veggies can heal but the info is suppressed.

  18. As in all things channeled, educating yourself on the subject first makes sense. It's irresponsible to give out medical information without even knowing what the questions mean. The answers were hesitant and the questioner grated on my nerves. This subject is very important to me. Too technical? Really? Let the truth come out.

  19. Love these episodes filled with alternative knowledge.

    Can you do one episode on tinnitus and healing ear damage? So far, no real answers from the medical community…

  20. The number one cause of cancer is stress. When hormones of stress are always released and activated within the body, the immune system gets out of whack. The blood vessels in the digestive system gets constricted in order to heightened the extremities of the body to prepare for a fight or flight response. Thus, you observed when you are constantly under stress, you tend to have digestive issues. These stress hormones are really beneficial for short period of time when there really is a real perceived threat in the environment however, unfortunately, our bodies no longer differentiate a real danger and just a scenario or negative thoughts created in the mind.

  21. Dr. Medhus, may I make a suggestion? Prior to starting the session, it would really help us out in the audience if we knew if you or the psychic has (other) people in the house — but especially if they are in the room nextdoor, watching television, listening to music, etc. This would assist us in knowing if that "voice" we heard might be a living person or perhaps someone trying to come through and your video's audio caught it. So many of your commenters are questioning a voice they heard at whatever timestamp, etc.

    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Hi Elisa😊 🤗💚 Did you or anyone else catch the voice at 12:09? She will be able to say if someone was at her home… but if not, this could be an evp… its possible🤔 Thank you for all the fun videos! I think its wonderful her Mom came!! She has Erik to thank for that one…. he's awesome👍☝️👣🙏💚🌟😇

  23. What do pets and humans have in common, they both get toxic vaccines, as well as toxic food and water, they all contribute to cancer. Many drugs that people take are also given to pets.

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