TRACTOR WRECK | It’s Not A Good Situation

It Is Not A Good Situation Joining Cody with Wranglerstar on quitting… stopping the disorder and chaos in our personal lives. WRANGLERSTAR 7EVEN DAY …


  1. I highly recommend Richard Perkins videos: His approach to farming is very pragmatic. May I be so rude as to point out your entire day, assuming this video depicts the "day" produced nothing but cost you plenty. You have an incredible opportunity on the property you manage (none of us actually owns the property we live on in the biblical view of eternity) and can utilize it's value to your family's benefit as well as the surrounding community. If you have not watched Richard, please do, you may gain some insight to what God intended for "His Land". I'm not saying Richard has the same perspective as Simeon on Swedish Homestead but has implemented some incredible practices on the land he manages.
    Also, Richard recommends a book on one of his videos, The Farming Ladder written by G. Henderson that is available on Amazon Kindle, that I highly recommend.
    I must ask why you are not either pasturing livestock or haying the field you are mowing?
    I do love your videos, sometimes for entertainment of what you TRY to do, but appreciate your efforts all the same.

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