1. eaten alive from the inside out. back in the 60"s, I did a lot of speed, but it never had the effect visible on these faces. the difference was I was getting it from a chemist at mt. sinai hospital, he made it, it was pure. this smeth nowadays is made with anything. drano, you name it. I never looked like this, nor my friends, and the addiction factor was not there. we did a lot, and just didnt crave it if we didnt have any.

  2. This drug should be banned everywhere otherwise those Zombie films we see in cinemas will come true. Meth addiction effect is like they see the Devil and will attack anyone.

  3. remember that commerical back in 1990? showing a hot frypan on the stove saying this is your brain, then they put in an egg scrambling and say this is your brain on drugs, any questions?

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