1. I fuck with your vids hard πŸ”₯
    Can’t believe I’ve never seen your stuff before. CBD is my shit now. ❀️ keep doin you Taz! Much love from Texas

  2. Amazing video! Thanks for the info and the discount code (you know I bought me an oz after this review). You definitely deserve more subs! Keep on doing what you do; you're giving off good vibes and kindness. God bless!

  3. ^^ Crazy video broo, thanks! this an awesome one! It is so good to have some nice flowers smelling so good! The biggest issue is to find distributor that deliver Worldwide I would love to try Monrow Farms. but they don't deliver in EU…. that is why mostly order on plantandhemp.com , the herbs quality is crazy and it is cheap. you should do a review of their CBD AK47, it is pure MADNESS !!!

  4. Happy 4/20 to all the chiefers πŸŽ‰πŸŒ¬πŸŽ‰ I just copped me some Space Candy from my local head shop, I'm bouta get in my bag and chillax. Nice content folks, I just stumbled across your channel, I gotsta subscribe ✌

  5. If you would do a review on that Lifter that would be awesome! I’m getting it in the mail here in a few days and would be great to smoke up while watching your review on it. Much love brotha!

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