Marijuana Industry Insight – Episode 6: Mitigating Risk in the Cannabis Industry

In this episode of Marijuana Industry Insight, Larry Harb the Founder of 420 Friendly Insurance goes over how to mitigate your risk being a part of the Cannabis …


  1. Thank you for the insight a lot of people don't realize what it takes to start or to even think about it not to mention the property and money that is involved cuz I grow like crazy but I can't afford to go commercial for sure I just don't want to see the big tobacco companies and pharmaceuticals getting into it learn from Canada.

  2. Outstanding video.. Very good information for anyone who has a vested interest in the industry… A note to whoever hit the thumbs down, you should probably just unsubscribe from this channel you're too stupid to do anything with the valuable information they're sharing…

  3. The biggest risk is getting your cheeks busted in state prison. Get ready to be a hardened thug. If you have any product recalls, you're definitely getting your cheeks busted.

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