E-Cigarettes : Welcome Back, Big Tobacco – the fifth estate

Big Tobacco is trying clean up its image, moving into the booming e-cigarette business which continuing to peddle the deadly tobacco products. This has left …


  1. I’ve smoked since I was 13. Then for my 72 nd birthday my son bought me a vapour …I did not want it grrr didn’t like my birthday present …anyway being kind considering he bought it for me I started to try it …I’m 77 this month and I have had 1 cigarette since and I didn’t like it so here I am nearly 5 years on and still vaping NEVER WILL I SMOKE A CIGARETTE AGAIN…….

  2. The reason people may continue to smoke while also vaping is because they are still unsure if the vaping is actually adequate for them. Vaping is an experience that is filled with a lot of trial and error, but once you get that perfect build, you never want to go back to smoking. Anecdotal evidence is not empirical data, I agree with that. But at some point or another these officials have to stop twiddling their thumbs. Countless individuals are dying every single day because of their negligence. If vaping is sooooo bad that they don't want to make a decision about it, then why not just ban cigarettes outright? Why are tobacco companies still allowed to sell objectively worse products that everyone knows are dangerous, while an objectively safer (95% safer, mind you) product is given such incredible scrutiny?

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  4. Why is there no debate about nicotine when it comes to the pharmaceutical companies producing and pushing patches, gum, lozenges, and sprays? That kind of tells you that the real issue has nothing to do with nicotine use.

  5. Look I know people say that it is their choice and that the tobacco companies now more or less have to make people aware of the harms of cigarette smoking. But no one would think it would be okay for a company to sell dinner plates and coffee mugs that where painted with led paint. Even if the people who use them chose to, even if the companies are forced to put warning labels on the packaging, even if the government put age restrictions and advertisement laws in place. No one would think it would be okay for such a product to continue to be on the market. But when it comes to alcohol, cigarettes, and e-cigs, people use these as excuses and as a result our societies continue to suffer from the effects of drug use.

  6. U alredy have cigs b worried about kids getting cigs not vapes kids cant even go in smoke shops any kid can walk into a gas station that sells booze n cigs these is crazy to say it directed to kids they wont even no how to put it together or use it unless so.e kne showed them a cig they can just light it up steal from there parents some e-cig modes have a password lock

  7. Hi. I started smoking in 1987. I'm two weeks into vaping, haven't had any cigarettes since day two. I'm already on half the amount of nicotine I was on cigarettes. Next week I will be making my own vape fluid and weaning myself off nicotine at my own pace, lowering the dose as I go, month by month. I am feeling better already and do not wheeze anymore. I'm not using the tobacco company products, I'm sourcing my kit through a friend who has vaped for years and independent shops. And boots the chemist πŸ‘

  8. I started smoking in 1989, we knew all of the dangers of smoking then. "Big tobacco" didn't put a gun to my head to make me start, I chose to smoke. I can't blame them.
    A month ago I got my 1st real vape, within a week I quit smoking, that's how beneficial vaping is. 30yrs at almost 2 packs a day, to none in a week, powerful.

  9. This is the problem with allowing the government to tell you what you can and cant do that has nothing to do with anyone but yourself. You get giant companies running the place, things that shouldnt be illegal are illegal. Personal freedom, we need some.

  10. I can under stand people taking up the habit till mid 1970ths.nowdays how much more must people be told,smoking kills.Its hard to have pity on younger generations.I once was a teen saw video never took up the habit.people wake up

  11. If Vape had zero exhale cloud and was invisible, id say most wouldnt do it. The trend now is to be a choochoo train when exhaling to look cool. Everyone who vapes looks in the mirror to see how it looks. All those losers who says its to quit cigarette smoking is bullshit. It's not water vapor. There's zero water in it. A new fad has heen discovered. As i inhale my vape.

  12. Nine years without cigarettes ..vaping is future for me …would never buy any e-cig or e- juice made by big tobacco …Governments allowing them to even enter e cig business is like rapist selling his victim morning after pill

  13. I wouldn't oppose e cigs if they weren't recruiting new vapers/smokers. Great tool to get off cigs, but getting new people addicted to nicotine and the social habit is not good.

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