Will Cannabis Soon Be Legal for You to Grow in the UK?

John Greene is the creator of medicalmarijuana.co.uk, one of the most successful cannabis websites in the world. I got the chance to speak to him one on one …


  1. I want to make my own hemp honey.. hemp gardening products and cbd oil products. Learning the only way i know how because my social anxiety disorders. Own boss

  2. The blood-sucking evil bastards that run Britain all have shares in the alcohol manufacturing companies and pharmaceutical companies, that's why they won't legalize cannabis.

  3. Words fail me as to how angry I am at the government in the UK. They say ignorance is bliss. The current Tory politicians must be in heaven with themselves.I have done a lot of research about cannabis oils and THC and `CBD have to have a balanced ratio to work together for the best results. Why are we so scared about THC for medicinal purposes in the UK. People suffering with severe pain won’t get high because the THC counter affects the pain threshold, will the CBD go to work fixing the damaged tissue.

  4. Very interesting, as someone who used to smoke cannabis I became very sensitive to it and literally any consumption led to a panic attack.
    I suffer GAD and to know that there is cannabis treatment out there that can help without getting me high almost sounds to good to be true.
    Now even though i got panic attacks I am still pro cannabis and fully support the movement to legalise cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes.
    There is some positive news today that the advisory panel set up by the government has suggested that cannabis based medicines should be rescheduled and which should allow doctors to prescribe it for certain ailments.
    We're are at the start of a long road similar to California in 1996 but if we can follow the same path albeit a bit quicker to reach the destination then hopefully we will have a legal market sometime in the near future.

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