Making $35,000 Bonsai Scissors

When it comes to Japanese craftsmanship, knives often get all the glory. But in the city of Sakai, where traditional metalwork goes back centuries, there is one …


  1. "After 50 years, I finally think I'm starting to reach my peak"
    What a truly humble craftsman who cares about his craft. This is why I respect Japanese craftsmanship

  2. The scissors are literally made from 2 pieces of forged steel and a fastener in the middle. I'm sure it takes time to harden the steel and I bet they last a lifetime or 2… but that is NOT ANYWHERE close to $32,000 worth of work… that's literally what a car costs and the amount of material and time and technology that goes into producing a car is thousands of times that of the scissors. And he charges the same price for 2 pieces of metal.

  3. Yep, if I was rich, the first thing I'd do is get me some $3000 tree scissors so I could trim my gold plated kush plants as to be careful not to knock off too many diamond thc crystals

  4. I really cant comprehend this at all! Well i understand its a tradition and prolly has great value but still that does mlt justify anything to me! Full load of crap!

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