How to Order Vegan at Red Lobster / Red Lobster Goes Vegan

How to Order Vegan at Red Lobster / Red Lobster Goes Vegan. My friend Jae from a Vegan and Her joins me a we show you how to order vegan at Red Lobster …


  1. Well that stinks that the pasta wasn't better, but I'm glad that you guys did this video because this is another chain restaurant that my eat family goes to occasionally so at least it's good to know there are some options if needed! Thanks!

  2. Great video Vince And Jay. I was pretty curious to see what you could find in this place! I was happy you had an honest opinion about the pasta plate Jay. Does the smell of seafood bother you while inside?

  3. the closest i have been to red lobster for something other than drinks is a place called Pacific East in Kent Ohio and one server went into the kitchen to make sure my meal was okay for me. (they have at least 20 vegan items)

  4. I work at red Lobster and mainly eat vegan for health reasons. A couple of great options for you if you don’t like the marinara: 1. Ask for the Baja tacos with rice or potato wedges(potato wedges are fried so be mindful if that bothers you) instead of meat (ask for no jalapeño ranch but for hot sauce which comes in a bottle) 2. Ask for pasta with dry broccoli and asparagus with oil and Cajun seasoning 3. For baked potatoes ask for Baja relish and pico de Gallo. We’re usually able to accommodate for all allergies and diet restrictions.

  5. I had to laugh, I don't like eating anything that smells or reminds me of seafood. Seems you may have felt the same way. Yeah that was definitely not a good option. I mean really that's the best they could do with that pasta dish. Yuk! Please do a Mexican restaurant one. 🙏😁

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