1. hey shane! was wondering if sometime you could compare the 3000k 90cri to your light in both spectral output and ppfd. Amazing vids! love the info you put out! thank you for doing what you do!

  2. Luminus wins at everything, especially price. Also, Gen4 Luminus available, I got my hands on 20.. 8% better lm/w and a wider v operating range! Puts them on par with HLGs at same wattages, 40% cheaper. Also, you are comparing apples and oranges, cxm is 22mm.. cree 3590 is 27mm. Better comparison would be vs cree 22mm 2590. 4x CXM22 on hlg-185h-48a = best combo on the market.

  3. DB is top bin. You can find and on cutter or mouser. Inside the datasheet is another table that explains the binning scheme regardeless it is not in the old topdocument listing for the 3500k…. so you basically tested shit. I bought eight DBs 2017 so you reviewing the CD is extremely late. Giving that fact it is just unfair and the new top bin Luminus surely wins. Regarding high efficiency… what is the Minimum constant current to delive stable spectrum thats the important question. When you want high efficiency you go for high count of COBs you may want 1050ma or even 700ma working without the spectrum go yellow or kinda like…. and when I dimm the 700ma down, about 500 is still ok, but down to 350ma the Crees spectrum becomes unusable. What abou the Luminus?

  4. This is a very good test can you do the same thing with the vero 29 I know luminus is better but I would really like to compare it to the cxb3590 thanks for the great vids lots of good info

  5. so I heard you same 51fv for the luminous and the cree does 36fv so this is not the test to compare them. You have to have same fv to really compare like minded cobs..

  6. You have a kind of open source attitude towards your products – very refreshing. In one sense its counter intuitive from a business perspective, in another sense it builds trust and community around your products. I'm all for it.

  7. hi shane, great videos thanks. if i wanted to run 5 CXM-32-35-80-54-AC00-F2-3 cob lights, what size driver should i use and would you recommend a particular brand?

  8. I am wondering as technology on leds is rapidly evolving seems like every 6 months or so something newer more efficient hits the market like Samsung lm561c, and now the Samsung lm301b is out even better than the 561c. Is Migro working on a new light for maybe a year or even two from now so Migro can still compete with the top end led companys at the top teir level.

  9. Migro, please take a doubt.
    Would it be better to run this LUMINUS led in higher currents? in 100W? or run them in 50W lower current? Which voltage would be most efficient in lumen issues? Thank you.

    I'm thinking of setting up a COB panel but I'm in doubt about which chip to use, do you think it's vero29 and more efficient than 3590 believes? or the Luminus would be the best option?

  10. Is PPFD/W an SI Metric?
    You should present us the data in Umol/J(W) you have the meters for it (the asensetek) why not use it to simply calculate this.. What is the efficacy of the Luminus at chip level?

    First of all the Cree chip is mounted wrong. There is no even distribution of the pressure. This test was done completely out of spec. The cob will have run to hot because of the lack of pressure. Why did you not take the effort to buy a holder for 2 euro's an drill and thread the 2 holes needed for proper testing. And by the way the DB is the top bin for Cree but as they can not produce these in mass only the big players on the market are able to get these. Not the fake ones they are selling on alibaba. Just Google Cree VS Kingbright.. There are 2 places where you can get them in Europe but I am not going to mention them here.

    I would like to have seen the Tc of both the cobs to give a fair representation of the conditions tested in. What you have done tells us nothing..
    How is that in your test first Optic wins (clone of a Dutch company btw) and now it lost by 15%. There already is independent sphere data available which says that the Cree delivers much more then you let us on to believe.

    Here is the link https://chilledgrowlights.com/independent-lab-reports/lab-test-report-cree-xlamp-cxb3590-3500k-cd-bin

  11. Holy moly I can't believe I'm asking this, I feel so cheap haha. But are you planning on having a sale soon or create a cheaper version of any of your lights? I live in sweden so I'm guessing shipping will be pretty rough (cost wise, haha). I am one of those who went with the super cheap, useless chinese "grow lights" (2 times actually) and THEN I upgraded……….. to a viperspectra 600 hahaha. If not I'll keep looking or maybe atleast add a mars hydro 300w/eco to try and compensate the lack of flower(ing) power.

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