Garden Variety FEDERALLY LEGAL Cannabis Dispensary Winnipeg

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  1. wooow he talks about CBD Tonic from Royal High and says "it's so sweet!" and the question explodes in my mind – did he try Temple from Aurora!??! Aurora's pesticide free is where it's at.. there and Broken Coast XD

  2. Liberty Haze is the bomb. You can top her in bloom and she will throw weight. She will also handle heat and higher nutrient levels. We let her go to 9 wks this time and it was shocking the difference.

  3. Sponsor my Purple Gas run ? 🤪 that's just about to go into flower, I'm going to be using my Remo Bloom, and grabbing some other Remo products today, Gonna push "Remo", for the next 9 to 11 week's in flower 🇨🇦 💚 👍 free advertising 😉✌ stay tuned 🤙

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