Heavy Hitters- Gelato (Hybrid) Review

Hey Everyone It’s Jimmy Jam The DaB Man here Today with another Dank Video Review. Todays Review is on Heavy Hitters- Gelato (Hybrid) * 1 Gram …


  1. No cap, fuck what y’all say about this homie. He likes weed. We like weed. Maybe he got carts that ain’t as good but aye, he got some Brass knuckles and we know they ain’t fake, y’all say he’s tweaked out but he just seems chill and a lil jumpy tho, like every nigga with adhd 🤷🏻‍♂️ but aye that’s just me 💤

  2. Bruh whoever he's getting his carts from is definitely hitting his shit before sending it lmao every single cart he's reviewed is obvious that it's been hit a couple times but ayy jimmy jam

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