1. It never hurts to take off a few extra large over hanging leaves, in my opinion. Everything looks great tho, you are doing a killer job. Lol, look at you now, way to grow girl! Damn that HLG550 is a sweet light. Amazing garden 👍👍💚

  2. how do you currently cool and vent your room? It's only getting hotter this year and too long at the higher temps before trying to cool has caused me problems in the past. One thing that helped me was a second exhaust outlet at the top to move the lower cooler air up through the canopy faster, minor lolly popping and defoliation to let it flow freely is good. I wish I could grow again but my proximity to schools SUX, where you live has nothing to do with anything as long as your site is secure and safe from public access. Sorry had to vent. your ladies are looking great, my experience was short with auto flowers, but I noticed they just slowly show sex and mature fast with flowers blooming stronger in second trimester, then going into the last trimester they just really put on the weight. No expert but you are doing great from my viewpoint.

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