1. We had the same thing here with a woman and her boy she had to get it of government and they imported the cbd oil and stopped she did a protest online and basically became legal from nov 1st 2k18 from nhs government subscribe to u

  2. "all that glitters is gold" is a smash mouth quote… now i could definitely be wrong and Bob Marley did infact say that as well, but in two different songs Bob says that "Not all that glitters is gold" , get up stand up and second hand are the two that come to mind… I didn't know Bob unfortunately but for him to say all that glitters is gold sounds to me as in direct contrast to what he believed and would've had to have been said as sarcasm or as a ruling class belief. Great show as always and thank you too the entire crew who make it all possible. ✌ Growers love

  3. 46:36 I feel that it does need to be prescription. Say if it was legel for rec… that helps if you are over 21 but if i was too give it to my autistic son without it being prescribed I would have my son taken from me and viewed as a scumbag in the eyes of the community i live in. Now is that right… HELL NO!! But unfortunately thats the way of things smh

  4. I bet that fucking hemp moped held legalization up by 10 years. Obviously that dude was lying about everything, since it's legal now and there are no fucking hemp mopeds. Maybe if the proponents of cannabis didn't fucking lie to everyone all the time, maybe someone might have taken them seriously.

  5. Hey guys imma trained historian and former professor. The civil war was about slavery. Keep listening to Jordan Peterson and he might tell you otherwise because he is a whitewasher. We have come to the end of capitalism and empire. Snake oil dominates the landscape similar to shitty restaurants that just wanna get your money once … next up, amazon charges you for clean water! What a future! We get bogged down in semantics and patents for what??? Oh right it’s for all the middleman rackets that exist simply to scam us and maybe even kill us for profit

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